Pro-logue For Demons

August 14, 2010
By Anonymous

We race through the land and around the forests thick trees and creatures unknown to the warmhearted. Our speeds vary but most of them are as your kind would say are 200 ¬to 500mph and our movements are graceful, unlike the ogres. We soar higher than any two winged fruptin (bird) ever could. All of us except the newborns have blood stained teeth from our last 2,000 years of victims we’ve eaten. Running through our veins is a special kind of magic. This magic is the transforming kind. The magic allows us to turn into a warmhearted one or any other creature we want to be until the sun sets. Basically you can call us ¬¬shape shifters but really we are demons. You might of heard of our kind around deathfires to scare little warmhearted ones, or even seen or heard us but said there’s nothing there and keep on doing what you were doing before, but you were wrong. We aren’t just a figment of your imagination, or legends. My kind is real; real enough if you look hard enough out the closest window of your little thufter (house like structure) you can possibly see our shadows preparing for our favorite time. You should know what that is because you’re a part of it…meal time and you’re not the guest.

The author's comments:
This is just the prologue and if you guys like it I will continue this story. Also I would love your opinions on how I could improve my work. Thanks(:

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