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May 23, 2010
By QiYueR. BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
QiYueR. BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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“Experience is the name every one gives to their mistakes.”-Oscar Wilde

My footsteps were silent as the night, as I crept over the glass. They wouldn’t know I was here, the people at the party just downstairs. I was like a shadow, invisible and silent. I blended into the walls. I was unstoppable. If I passed you, you would think a slight breeze had picked up.

There was a guard. Only one. They were to confident. They thought no one could get past their system. Fools. The guard was so close I could have reached out and touched him. I wouldn’t have to kill him. He didn’t even know I was here. I crept passed behind him, against the wall. He didn’t even notice. I almost laughed.

I was in the dark corridor. I had dreamed many times about this corridor. Now, I was here. My blood raced through my body. No, I couldn’t get excited now. That was how so many others were caught. They had let their guard down. I couldn’t afford that. I crouched to the floor. I was crawling now. I was like a silent stream of water, flowing through this dark corridor. I got to the tall door. I waited for a few moments, my body pressed against the wall. It was still dead silent. I slowly pressed my ear to the door. There was no movement on the other side. They could be waiting for me. This thought sent shivers down my spine. They couldn’t be waiting for me. They couldn’t possibly know I was here. But still, I waited.

I slowly got up. I still didn’t make a sound. I gently put my gloved hand on the door handle. I turned it slowly. It didn’t make a sound. I opened the door a crack. Still no noise. I inched it open a little more. Then more. Finally, I opened it wide enough I could slip through it. I was just another breeze.

Everything was silent as the dead. I lowered myself to the ground as I got used to the darkness. My eyes pierced the room for movement. It was still. I could see clearly now. The room was wide and circular. It was empty, besides a small, glass bottle on the opposite side of the room. I crept around the edges, not daring to go in the open. They were fools but not that foolish to not set up traps for anyone walking across the room. I was one with the walls, still never making a sound.
I was now inches away from the bottle. Clear liquid swirled around the bottle. I extended my hand ever so slowly toward the bottle. This is what I was waiting for. For so long.

“You could have gone a little faster.” A voice came from somewhere in this room. I froze, my hand still extended to the bottle. I turned my head around to see a tall man with a black mustache. I recognized him immediately. He was the intelligence leader. The one in charge of guarding this bottle.

“Samuel Buttons.” I hissed at him. He gave a little laugh.

“You know me, though I can’t say we’ve met.” He laughed a little. “My friends call me Sam.” He had he nerve to extend his hand toward me.

“I am not you friend, Samuel.” I hissed. “I am your worst nightmare.” He laughed a little.

“I believe you. You managed to get past my guards and alarm systems. I was watching you from above while you crept around this room and I lost you a couple of times.” Samuel shook his head in amazement as to say brilliant. I was outraged. How was he watching me.

“Don’t do anything irrational.” He warned, suddenly worried I would escape somehow. “I’ve got this place surrounded.” I got up slowly, still not making a sound. He watched me in fascination, as if he couldn’t believe someone could move so quietly. He probably couldn’t move slowly at all, the big walrus he is, I thought bitterly. It was probably true also. It seemed even his mustache was screaming out. He had a big booming voice and he seemed to shake the room as he walked.

“Do you mind if you take off your mask so we can see you face.” He was speaking again.

“I do mind.” My voice was still a hiss. He walked toward me. He towered over me my at least a couple feet.

“I am sorry we ruined you plans.” He didn’t sound sorry, that bastard. “But we need you to do as we say. It will be easier for you as well as us.” I gave a dry laugh. I would never corporate. He sighed, as he seemed to know what I was thinking.

“I need you to surrender your weapons if you have any.” He said.

“How could I been carrying a weapon when trying to be invisible.” I hissed up at him. Actually, it wasn’t true. I had a small revolver pressed against my body, hidden out of sight. He seemed to doubt this also, from the look on his face.

“We don’t want to search you, so it would be better if you gave us your weapons.” He tried to sound calm.

“Somehow I doubt that.” I spat. My hand slowly crept to the revolver. Samuel appeared to be frustrated. He didn’t even notice my hands were out of sight. And here I thought he was my biggest obstacle. He was a fool like the rest of them. On a job, I showed no emotion.

“Miss, you are a women, are you not?” He asked. I just gave him a bitter laugh. “Miss,” He began again, “We will get you no matter what. You are surrounded and there is no escape.” I let him ramble on. I slowly surveyed the room. I could see no one beside him, although I didn’t doubt there were guards just outside the door. What confused me though is why he was the only one to come. Surly he would be well guarded. Maybe he thought he could take me down because I was so small. I mentally snorted. I could take down men three times the size of me. I looked up. Windows. I hadn’t noticed them before but there was windows on the ceiling. I already had a plan racing through my mind.

“I have a gun so don’t try anything stupid.” Samuel was still rambling. I knew he was trying to buy time, trying to distract me. He should learn that I am way smarter then him. He did pull out a gun to prove it to me though, but it was only a minor issue, for I could avoid gun shots. I crept slowly toward the bottle.

“Don’t move.” Samuel warned jerking his gun toward me. He was getting nervous. I smiled beneath my mask. Nervous men made mistakes. Same as impatience ones.

“Have you ever shot a man before?” I hissed at him.

“Yes I have and I could shoot you.” He was starting to sweat.

“I am a women,” I hissed at him, “And I’ve shot more than enough men.” It seemed everything was in slow motion. He blinked in surprise at my response and I swung my revolver out. Without hesitating I shot him in the knee. Blood poured out of him, and he was falling to the ground. Before he could even scream out, I grabbed the bottle a raced across the room, to the windows. I shot them, and they shattered. I leaped out into the night as the first guard raced into the room. I was gone before any of them knew what was happening.

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