May 17, 2010
By Anonymous

Mark Collinible, a simple man. Well he was, He was a stock broker. But he was fired at 11 o’clock in the morning, his wife just called him telling him that he will not be able to keep his children or the car, he is also being evicted. We now find him in a bar in down town Manhattan. He exits the bar very drunk. He wiggles around the sidewalk. He couldn’t look in a straight line. He goes into an alley were he finds a brand new bottle of Amontiato. The sun made a vermillion crystal pattern from the noon sun into the crowded alley.

Mark goes over revolting garbage, searing manholes, and malodorous homeless people like him. He leaps to the bottle, but he never made it to the bottle. It seems he has fallen into a hole. He fell trying to grab the bottle. So he positions himself like a free faller that was new on his back. HE stares at the hole he fell into, it was getting very miniscule. He worries at he falls to his death. He hits the ground, wondering where he was he tries looking up and jumping to the hole. Mark became fatigued. Mark lays down believing that he will die down in this hole.

He wakes due to the incredible heat from his back. He gets up to see what was going on. He was still in the hole. But he turns around to find out he has been sleeping in a lava hole. He looks out and finds out he is in a hole in a wall. By accident he falls out of the hole.

Floating on a firm rock in the lava, He hits a path frightened he jumps on to it. He runs passing demons beating people carrying rocks. BOOM! Mark looks behind him to find out that an immense demon was sitting on top of an exploding volcano. Mark thinks really hard on the possibilities on where he is. “Lava, demons, immense demons? I’m in hell!” Mark ran trying to get away from this but the immense demon sees him and sends his smaller demons to attack him.

Mark finds himself cornered in a spot where he can’t escape. Scared he tries to fight the demons. The demons start to cower not because of him but because Mark had a necklace of a cross on his neck and a tattoo of the same cross on his arm. Ignoring the items the demons lunge at him. But they had no success once they touched him they burned into an ashy pile of flesh.

Mark finally escapes the corner and the immense demon. Mark escaped into a place with the smell of pigs. He looks around to see what it is. But has attacked from behind from a fat demon. He smelt of grease and sweat, Mark began to fight but had no weapons. This demon was trained with close combat fighting. Mark found a butchers knife and began to cut this demon into a main course meal. Mark darted out of the room attempting to escape the evil sight of all demons. But Mark wasn’t aware that a silent alarm was set off. Mark turned around a corner. And Wham!! Out of no were a guy with a huge bat hit him straight into the face. Mark wakes up two hours later hanging upside down with his head going into a huge pool of boiling blood with the piece of the butcher he killed earlier.

Staring at his soon to be death he prays to the lord to help him get out of this mess. After his prayer he looks and his surroundings began to die in a burning white fire. He began to think that the immense demon was back to kill him.

The author's comments:
it is a very hard peice that is not done.

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