The Flickering Lamp

October 19, 2009
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Rain was pouring and three teenagers were walking down a muddy dirt road. They passed a haunted house, on this dirt path. All of them had heard stories of people going in, and never coming back, but they never believed them. The teenager named Scott said, “I’m going in to that house to see if there are any bodies!” The wind was blowing and the door creaked open just as Scott reached for the handle. He walked in, and leaves the door open. The house was filled with old furniture that was covered with white sheets. The windows were boarded up, all but one that is. The one that looked straight out to where the two other kids are standing. Scott got to a room and he saw a lamp flickering that was blocking a door. He went to the door and, the second kid said, “I am going in to find Scott.”
This kid was tall, strong, and bald; he went by the name of Trevor. Walking into the house; Trevor looked through the window that wasn’t boarded up. He hesitated, but then continued into the house. The pattering of the rain was hitting the roof, and the floor boards were squeaking. Trevor saw the flickering light that the lamp was illuminating, and sped up to see what was happening. Once the lamp came into view, Trevor looked down and saw Scott lying on the ground. Running over to him, he almost slipped and fell on the pool of blood surround Scott. Leaning down, Trevor listened to Scott’s last words, Look out behind you; then everything went black. The last teenager was a husky kid, and about average height. He is getting worried about his friends, and decided to wait a little while longer. The rain was turning into sleet, and the last kid was getting very cold. He decides it is time to go into the house.

He was taking it very slow and shut the door behind him. When he reached the room with all the furniture covered with white sheets, a lightning bolt fell down to the earth. With the light, he was able to see that most of the sheets had red stains. The only thing that came to his mind was blood. He could have turned around right then, but he decided that he had to find out what happened to his friends. This kid was taking it slower then before; he was taking in everything he saw. There were blood stained sheets, messages on the walls, and paintings that were disturbing. When he turned the corner he ran into a lamp. The lamp was blocking a door, which had an X on it. This kid picked up the lamp and moved it to the side. When he reached for the door knob, it is slippery. He looks down and sees a liquid drop to the floor. When he twists the door knob, it flies open and two bodies come out! Scared to look down, he notices that the lamp started to flicker. The kid starts to run back the way he came, but before he started to look he glanced down. The two bodies were his friends, Trevor and Scott. They had both been stabbed once in the head and once in the heart. The kid made it out, but not unscarred. He went back to his house and grabbed two things. He grabbed a knife, and a picture of his friends. Some say he went back into the house to avenge his friends’ deaths. Others say he went to live in solitude. Only one person knows were he lives, and that person is me.

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