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Golden Stars

Author's note: Its a true story except the end was added by the real brother
Author's note: Its a true story except the end was added by the real brother  « Hide author's note
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The ride was long. Hours and hours and hours long.
Julanne and my mother fell asleep. My father just sat in the
corner. I couldn’t tell whether he was asleep or not. He just
sat there, like if he was disappointed. I could understand if he
was upset. He did so much to save us. And now we’re here.
Going somewhere we don’t know. He’s probably scared too.
Just like me.
Suddenly the train stopped. Then we heard dogs
barking. The door opened. All the light hurt my eyes. I looked
out, and there were soldiers all over the place. One shouted
“Out!” in German, and everyone ran out. My mother and
Julanne woke up and quickly got out. My father slowly got up
and came to me, grabbed my hand, and walked us out. He
was tense.
They made us walk out. Then a man shouted, “Men to
the right! Women to the left!” My father looked at us, gave
my hand to my mother, and said, “Be careful. I love you all.”
Then he went with the other fathers. My mother, Julanne,
and I went to the left. 2 soldiers walked by us. One pointed to
Julanne and my mother, then they walked away. They went
to the front of the line, pointing at all the little children. One
shouted out loud for everyone to hear, “All the children
younger than 15 must go to the trucks.
Julanne looked at my mother. I could tell she was
scared and did not want to go. My mother did not want to
leave her. When all the children went, he came over to my
mother, who was tightly holding onto Julanne. He said in
German, “She must go.” My mother still wouldn’t let her. He
said, “Very well. You could go with her if you’d like.” Then he
looked at me. He asked, “How old are you?” I looked at my
mother, then she said, “She’s 15.” He said, “She must stay in
this line of women then.” My mother came to me and
whispered, “I’ll be back.”
They left with the other children. The soldier came
went back to the front and shouted, “The elderly must also go
with the children now!” A lot of elderly people left to follow
the children, slowly, but off they went. All the children and
the elderly, including my mother and Julanne, were lifted
onto the truck, and taken away. Julanne waved to me and my
father. That was the last time I ever saw Julanne and my
mother. I never knew what happened to them.
My father and the other men were taken one way. All
the women went the other way. We walked for a while, then
we got to a big building. We walked in and it was dark. It had
a lot of beds. This is where the women stayed. They made us
change into a worn out brown uniform. Then we walked out
to the yard. There were people out here working.
My father, in his uniform, came to me and hugged me.
A soldier came and split us up. He told us to get to work. My
father got angry. He punched the soldier in the face. My
father then grabbed my hand and we ran off. Suddenly the
soldier got up and shot my father. He was dead before he hit
the grounded. I kneeled down next to him and cried. I kept
saying, “Papa! Papa! Get up! Please!” He didn’t get up. I kept
crying and crying, but nothing. 2 other uniformed men picked
up my father and took him away. I couldn’t stop them. The
soldier picked me up in one swift move and said, “Stop crying
you idiot girl! Either work or go to the showers!”
This was the decision that changed my life.
I went to the showers to cry. In there were some of my
friends. I went to them, then the soldiers closed the door.
Through the top little balls fell down on top of us. It started to
smell bad, and burn my eyes. I fell on the floor and closed my
eyes, coughing. I never saw anyone else. I never got up. In
these few seconds of gasping breaths I must tell you my
story. And everything that brought me to this end. A ball
came right under me. My last breath. And to think, this whole
book took place in a 10 second flashback.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 5 6 7

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