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Golden Stars

Author's note: Its a true story except the end was added by the real brother
Author's note: Its a true story except the end was added by the real brother  « Hide author's note
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The Jewish Stores

After school my mother and father picked us up and we
went walking to Mrs. Jennifer’s Bakery. It wasn’t that far- only
about 2 blocks away from my house. When we got to the
corner a block away from the bakery we saw that a soldier
was locking the door and preparing to leave. My father
walked up to the soldier and asked in German, “Is the bakery
closed?” The soldier looked at my father with a strict
expression and said, “The store is permanently closed. The
woman who used to own this does not live here anymore.”
Then the soldier turned around and walked away. My father
came to us and said, “That’s strange. Mrs. Jennifer isn’t here
anymore.” My mother and I walked towards the window and
looked in. All that was in there was a table and ropes like
those they use for big lines of people. But what would they
need that for? And where did Mrs. Jennifer go?
My father looked in, then looked back at us, and said,
“Well, we could go to the mall and look for ice-cream and pie
there.” Julanne was thrilled with the idea, but I wasn’t sure.
The mall was 8 blocks away, but the weather was really great
today, so I said, “Sure, why not?” Then off we went.
While we walked I put much thought into the closing of
the bakery. Everyone buys pastries at Mrs. Jennifer’s, so I
don’t think she ran out of business. She always has enough
money for the rent. Her bakery was famous in this town,
especially for her pink-frosted cupcakes. I couldn’t come up
with an idea of why she would close her bakery permanently
and just leave. Everyone loved Mrs. Jennifer. I could hear my
parents whispering about it behind me. My father kept
talking about Mrs. Jennifer being Jewish as a reason why her
shop was closed. But what would being Jewish have to do
with her bakery closing?
As we walked we passed more shops, like Mr. and Mrs.
Hendleton’s flower shop, and Ms. Mary’s craft shop, but they
were closed, too. They had German signs on the door that
said, “CLOSED” in big, red letters. It kind of scared me. Why
were so many shops closed?
Finally we got to the entrance of the mall. There were 2
crowds of people, one to the left and one to the right. I could
hear a man announcing to the crowds, “Jews to the left!
Germans to the right!” My father looked at my mother and
said, “Let’s go right.” So we went to the right. As people
walked into the mall, they were given armbands. We got red
armbands with the Nazi insignia. The Jewish people got blue
armbands with the Star of David in the middle.
All around the mall all the stores had either the Star of
David or the Nazi insignia on the door. A little girl with the
Star of David armband tried to walk into a store with the Nazi
insignia, but they didn’t let her in. They told her to go to a
store with the same sign as hers. So if you were Jewish, you
could only go to Jewish stores. If you were German, you could
only go into German stores. Most of the stores were German,
though. Only like 8 or 9 stores were Jewish. The other 16 or
more were German. The empty spaces looked like they used
to be Jewish stores, but there was nothing inside, and the
door had the Stars of David on them.
We walked into a German bakery. We ordered what we
wanted; an ice cream for Julanne, my slice of pumpkin pie,
and my mother’s and father’s plate full of vanilla cake with
coffee-flavored cake in the middle. While we were eating, a
saw kids with the Star of David armband with just a slice of a
regular loaf of bread. They looked at us and then they looked
upset. I asked my father, “Why don’t they get pie or ice
cream like us?” My father looked at my mother then at me
and said, “I guess the Jewish bakery ran out.”
It wasn’t until an hour later that I found out that
citizens weren’t allowed to have milk and butter because all
of it was being sent to the German army. The army got all the
meat, butter, and milk so that they could keep their strength
up. We had to have juice and tea instead. It was okay since
Julanne and I really enjoy having orange and apple juice. But
then again, I was going to miss the creaminess of milk and
butter, and my father was going to miss having steak. Oh
well, “just a few changes to our diet.”
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