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Golden Stars

Author's note: Its a true story except the end was added by the real brother
Author's note: Its a true story except the end was added by the real brother  « Hide author's note
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Either A Risk Or A Betrayal

Early in the morning, as I was getting ready for school,
Julanne came in saying-“Eli! Eli! Soldater! Soldater!” She ran to
the window and pointed at the corner covered by the slottis
trees and kept saying “Soldater! Soldater!” Sure enough I went
to the window and there were 2 soldiers standing in the
corner overlooking the intersection. Julanne ran down the
stairs saying “Mor! Far! Mor! Far! Soldater! Soldater!” I ran
down the stairs after her. When I got down she was in the
kitchen tugging on my mother’s dress trying to take her
outside to see the soldiers. My mother and father both looked
at each other in a worried look, then they looked at Julanne.
My father scorned in German-“Honig- Sprechen Deutsch!”
When my father said that, my eyes widened at him. He had
always told us to speak Danish and not to speak German even
though that is the language we speak most in school.
My mother gave Julanne her bookbag and told her to
wait at the door. When she left, I went to my father and
asked, “You have always told us to speak Danish here at
home. Now you tell us to speak German?” He came closer to
me and said, “For your own safety and Julanne’s. Promise me
you will not speak Danish for now.” I took a step back. “You
and mother always told us to be proud of our Danish
language! It is the Jewish language! You-”, my father
interrupted me. “Shh! Listen to me. We are German. We must
speak German. We must follow the German faith, not the
Jewish, for now.”
That made me furious. “No!” I raised my voice. “I am
Jewish! I love my Jewish faith and my Jewish language! I want
to be Jewish, not German!” My father looked at me with an
angry look, as if he were ready to slap me, but then he turned
away. “Fine. Be Jewish. But they will know. They will
remember your face.”, he said to me, without looking. I asked,
“Who are they? The soldiers?” My father just sat down and
said, “You’ll be late for school. Go on. Remember what I said.”
My mother walked in and grabbed me by my arm and said,”
Julanne is waiting for you. Be careful Elizabeth. Have a good
day at school.”
I got to the door where Julanne started tugging on my
arm. She was anxious to go see the soldiers and talk to them.
We were halfway across the street when I remembered
everything my father said. When we got to the corner where
the soldiers were, Julanne ran to them. I ran to her and
grabbed her bookbag to hold her back. The two soldiers
looked down at us, for they were tall in those shiny boots they
wore. They asked us in German, “Well aren’t you an anxious
little girl. What is your name?” I answered in German, “Her
name is Julanne.” They looked at me and said, “And yours?” I
said, “Elizabeth Barrett.” They looked at each other then
turned back and said, “Are you two girls Jewish?” I
remembered what my father told me then I said, “No. We are
German. Both of us.” Julanne looked at me. The soldiers just
smiled and said, “Oh that’s good. Hurry along or you girls will
be late for school. Have a nice day.”
I grabbed Julanne’s arm and quickly walked both of us
away from the soldiers. When we got to the corner before the
school, we saw two other soldiers. I looked everywhere. They
were on every corner. They were talking to every group of
children they saw. My father had said they will know. They are
the soldiers. They are looking for Jewish people. Throughout
the whole day I thought about what my father said. I asked
myself, “Do I want to be Jewish, or German?” I looked at the
good and bad things of being Jewish or German.
I was raised Jewish. They are looking for the Jewish
children. If I became German, they wouldn’t look for me, but
then again, I would be betraying my blood and faith. I
wondered, “Is it the right thing to do? Being Jewish is my heart
but it might end up hurting me. Do I want to be what
everyone else wants me to be, or should I just be myself?” I
took a long think at it, after we passed the same 2 soldiers
again, after dinner, up until it was time for bed. As I fell asleep,
it all came to me. I know what I am, even though I shouldn’t
be right now. But that didn’t matter to me. As I closed my eyes
and fell asleep, I said to myself quietly, “I’ll be German, for
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