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Mind Over Body

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The Nap and The Pills

I was feeling exhausted a couple hours after chapel and games, so I made my way to the bunkhouse. Miranda caught up with me, out of breath. “What happened to you?” I wondered.
“Nothing, let’s just go to bed.”
“Mkay…” I didn't argue.

After climbing up the two flights of stairs that seemed like twenty, I pulled the thick dolphin blanket off of my bed and plopped it in her bed. I sat on the floor Indian style as I took my pill.
“You better take those
This chapter shows in the beginning, that my body controlled my mind. All I wanted to do was sleep. Physically, anyways. What I really wanted to do, was go see my friends. But I couldn't. Because my body was in charge.
to the nurse. If someone finds out you’re taking pills without getting them from the nurse, you could get sent home.”
“I really don’t care, we’ll do it tomorrow. Plus you have that Claritin that you’ve been taking. Last time I checked, you didn’t get those from the nurse.”
“Kay let’s go to bed.” She said sort of quietly.
I scooted into her bed and threw three blankets on top of us. I was ready to sweat that cold out.

About 30 minuets later, I woke up to the rush of girls coming into the room.
“Ugh. What a great nap.” I complained. Our bunk row was right in front of the door, and everyone who came in could see that we were trying to sleep, but they didn’t care. Pretty soon the noise died down, and we got back to sleeping.

“You guys are gonna miss electives, come on!”
“What are you talking about?” I asked Miss Terri, who had ripped the blankets off of Miranda and me, and was currently shaking us. “We’ve only been asleep for a few minutes. Electives aren’t for a couple of hours.”
Miranda looked at her phone. “Dude we’ve been asleep for three hours! Let’s go get ready.” She said seriously.
“Naw, hold on I just want a few more minutes.”

A few more minutes turned into a few more hours. I missed electives. I missed chapel. I woke up to a room of silence. Miranda was still asleep next to me. I looked out the window. The sun was setting. I rolled Miranda over and poked her shoulder until she woke up.
“Hmmm… where is everybody?” She grumbled.
“At chapel. Get your Claritin, we’re going to take our medicine to the nurse.”

We walked in our slippers and pajama pants to the nurse’s house. I knocked three times.
“Come in!” She called. I opened the door and padded into the house.
“Hi, we came to give you these pills.”
“When did you arrive at camp?” She asked without looking at me. Miranda nudged me in the side.
“Uhmm, Monday afternoon, Ma’am.”
“Oh, so I’m assuming you just got these meds. You picked them up during chapel?” She glared at me above her glasses that were on the tip of her nose. I shuffled my feet.
“Um, no I got them yesterday, I just didn’t turn them in.” I bit my lip. Of course Miranda just stood there, staring at the floor. To my surprise, the nurse winked at me and took the small red box of pills.
“It’s fine, better late than never, right?”
“Yep,” I said kind of quietly “better late than never.” I sniffled.
She looked up from her page she was writing on. “Do you have a name?”
“Oh, I’m Annalea Schutz, that’s A-N-N-A-L-E-A next word, S-C-H-U-T-Z. Oh and I’m in the bunkhouse.” She took all the info down on a small card that she put in a brown paper bag. She slid the pill box into the bag and put the bag in a cupboard with a lock on it. She stretched some pink tinted rubber gloves over her freshly washed hands.
“Open.” I stood there like an idiot, thinking about when Miranda asked me when the last time I brushed my teeth was.
“Um, you mean my mouth?” I was stalling.
“Yeah, doesn’t your throat hurt?”
“Well, um, yeah.” Miranda just laughed. I glared at her, then opened my mouth. She sprayed some gross blue-green stuff on the back of my throat.
“Just wait a minute. It will make your throat numb, and you’ll want more when it wears off.”
“Oh, okay well thanks.”
“Mhm, and be sure to visit me in four hours for your next pill.”
“But wait, four hours from now is 12:00 o’clock. Will you be up?”
“Yep, it’s my job.”
“Well okay, we’ll be off, then.” We started to walk out the door, when I remembered Miranda still had her Claritin.
“Wait! You have allergy meds, Miranda. Better take em’ in.”
“No way, I was embarrassed enough just watching you turn yours in late.”
“So? It’s your turn, buddy.” I winked. She groaned.
“Fine.” She mumbled.
“We walked back into the kitchen.
“Um, excuse me, but my friend still has some Claritin.”
“Ah, thought you could get away with it, huh?” She winked, and took the meds. She went through the same, embarrassing process with Miranda that she did with me. We left the nurse with numb throats and smiling faces. We walked the long way to the bunkhouse, because the nurse said we need more exercise.
“I’m just done being sick. And I’m not skipping chapel anymore. But yeah like, I’m done being sick. I’m DONE.” What I said may not have made any sense, but it pretty much changed my whole camp experience.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next »

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