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February 20, 2018
By Kennethh_Willy BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
Kennethh_Willy BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
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NBA 2k17 was a minor upset but 2K Sports and Ronnie2K somehow managed to give an even bigger upset with the release of NBA 2K18. Ronnie 2K is the digital marketing director for 2K and 2K Sports is the division of 2K Games that produces all of the sports games.

One thing that is very annoying in NBA 2K18 is the missed wide open layups. Layups are a high percentage shot for most players but in NBA 2k18 they miss a lot of them for some reason. Something else very annoying is the laggy and slow servers for MyTeam and The Playground. When the servers are laggy the game becomes nearly impossible to play therefore leaving no reason to play. The thing that is by far the most annoying thing in 2k this year is the cutscenes in MyCareer, the cutscenes are not skippable. The cutscenes sometimes are long and don’t matter to some players of MyCareer, even if you do play MyCareer for the story of it you will still want to skip some cutscenes because they are so repetitive and unnecessary.

Aside from that, the game is pretty good. The graphics are definitely an improvement from all previous games. The game is very detailed including the specific tattoos and hairstyles of every NBA player.

Rating (out of 10)-
I rate this game 8.4/10

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