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The Last Guardian on PlayStation 4

January 25, 2018
By Musher27 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Musher27 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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 Eight years of hard work and determination of staring at a computer screen finally paid off in the year of 2016 on December 6th. The many people who have created this masterpiece spent so much of their time working on something that people would normally forget about in a week. They didn't expect many people to like it as it had started out quite small. Soon people noticed how long they had been working on it and they were getting quite excited for the new game. As the player starts the game, after the introduction along with some backstory on the land and time, the player will hear the chains that are connected to the beast, rattling and shaking. He needs their help.


As the player in the game looks around to see where they are placed for the start of the game, they will notice a large beast, later named Trico. He has feathers that are a dark hunter green that shrouds his body. Other features of this large beast are his narrow, dwarfish wings, long-battered tail, and metal mask that slightly cover his fuschia-colored eyes. As the player would move closer to the creature in the game, he has a tendency to snap at players, as he is quite tense because they are there. This characteristic alone is amazing because the beast’s personality shows the most in the first few minutes that the player meets him. One of the bigger implementations in this game that a lot of people enjoy is the fact that Trico has the ability to shoot lightning from his tail. People like this implementation because it worked wherever the players told Trico to shoot. There is great attention to detail in the graphics, even seen in the sunshine that beamed when the player is outside. When they walk outside later in the game, they find trees that have amazing shadows, show perspective, and have falling leaves. But this game is more than just trees and lightning. The game’s story gets immensely better with its outstanding graphics.

In The Last Guardian, the player encounters one of the biggest things that some animators struggle with. That one thing would be the animation of the water. In the beginning of the game, Trico will be hesitant to go into the water, but once he is in, players can see the water splashing effects and the ripples he creates near his limbs. The water also makes his feathers wet and shiny. The developers even made it take time for the water to settle and Trico’s feathers to dry. Now, this storyline may have players thinking they know what is in store for them, but it still has time to throw people for a loop.

As the players have climbed to the top of many towers together,  slain magical armor together with Trico, and even trusted him with their life jumping from extreme heights. They have gone through thick and thin with this beast they may call their friend. **END SPOILER** Their friendship will go through one last trial before they return home. Players will go to the top of the biggest tower in the game and fight one more battle. Little does the player know, their best friend is about to endure unbelievable amounts of pain to keep them safe. In this final fight, Trico’s tail will be ripped clean off. As they try to get it back to him in time, they will get beaten and battered around. After 5-10 minutes of fighting for Trico, they can help by grabbing the severed tail and shooting the other beasts away. After helping Trico, he finds the player injured in a hole on the top of the building. He grabs them in his mouth, knowing the place is about to fall down and weakly flies them back to their homeland. Trico then gets slammed into the same prison that they helped him escape from, to begin with.

This video game does so much more than fill peoples life with this funny, unique animal to play with. It’s more than just moving pixels on a screen, and it is more than a cliche game where everyone goes home happy. It gives people a friend that is not afraid to fight for them. It shows what it’s like to see someone they care about gets hurt and how they can't do anything about it. At the end of the day, will Trico remember them as a friend or just another player?

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