World War 2 on Xbox One

November 27, 2017
By ElijahFajardo BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
ElijahFajardo BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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The loved activity of teenage boys, playing video games. We are going to get specific about one game though, World War 2.

In the trailer for the game, the game seems to have a very high render and therefore great graphics. The game looks absolutely beautiful. This includes the environment, people, and most importantly, the guns. The environment such as buildings, grass, and the sky looks so real along with the people in the game. Such lifelike sweat, blood, tears, and other small details that other games would miss. This makes World War 2 so much better than most because it goes sort of off the rails of their most recent game in the series, Black Ops 3.

Next, let’s go to the sound of the game. The legendary M1 Grand “Ka-Ting” is heard and you already know it is a good game. If not obvious, this sound is very iconic in the World War series and is known definitely by people in old ages and/or teenagers. Also, the sleek sound of a spray of a PPSH-41 and an MP-40. There are also loud but not ear-deafening explosions in the background of the gameplay, showing how the game can be action-packed.

The campaign, which seems to be the best besides Black Ops 2’s, is teased in the trailer multiple times. This campaign is indeed action-packed, highly interactive, and again so realistic. Much like the campaign of Black Ops 2’s, it seems to have much great cinematics and such great story. Being in the eyes of a Texan, Ronald “Red” Daniels, deploying on the field of War, D-Day. It is said to have new gaming mechanics than other games in the series and along with this statement, gamers are intrigued.

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