Call of Duty WW2 on PS4

November 25, 2017

On the first week of the Call of Duty World war 2 launch, the servers were down so you were basically forced to play by yourself. The game doesn't look any better than the past Call of Duties. A Lot of people that preordered the game didn't receive the exclusive camo but I myself didn't preorder the game and I received the camo.

The campaign does not really tell the story that well but they made the gameplay part somewhat entertaining. The game has a lot of exploits and glitches. It takes them too long for them to release a patch/update and half of the time the patch don't work and there are still a lot of problems like the zombies game mode not being able to earn supply drops after they prestige but they prioritised implementing supply drops to the game and also you can glitch outside the map and apparently it's not even hard to do. This will give the cheaters an unfair advantage which will ruin the gameplay experience.

They did a fine job on adding some new features though, for example, they added a feature in zombies which allow you to drop money to your teammates. They added the option to dolphin dive again. I would give this game a 6/10.

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