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August 19, 2017
By sunminny SILVER, Tenafly, New Jersey
sunminny SILVER, Tenafly, New Jersey
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As many Nintendo fans know, a “mii” is a personalized avatar created to represent the player in his/her game and community. Players can make multiple miis that can be anyone from family members to original characters. Capitalizing on this trend, Nintendo released a quaint, kid-friendly RPG (role playing game) called “Miitopia,” which is all about, of course, miis.
“Miitopia” is rated “E” for everyone and features the standard RPG elements such as fighting monsters with companions and rumbling through boss battles with powerful equipment. It also features elements from
another well-known mii-centered game called “Tomodachi Life,” where the player inputs miis on an island to interact with each other, similar to the premise of “The Sims.”
The game starts with a short story about the island of Miitopia, a place where all miis lived in harmony until the evil Dark Lord came and wreaked havoc on the land. His method of villainy? Stealing the faces of the poor townsfolk. Once you create your main character, you start your quest to deliver the faces back to the unlucky townspeople. The story begins simply, but as the player progresses the plot becomes more complicated.
The defining and possibly best asset of “Miitopia” is the ability for the player to choose not only party members, but storyline characters as well. Although the timeline of the game is already set, the player is given the opportunity to assign any characters to the generous handful of roles provided in the story – from the NPCs (non-player characters) to crucial characters such as the Dark Lord. If the player doesn’t feel up to assigning characters, “Miitopia”s spotpass feature will choose them from the “mii universe” online.
Although it is a funny and lighthearted RPG, “Miitopia” has a few drawbacks. The storyline includes some repetition, and enemies reach a certain diversity in design and start to appear again. Despite the lore around the different monsters, a player can expect to battle just a few variations of the same foe. Another negative is that the player can only control the main character, while everyone else is an NPC that fights on their side.
Overall, “Miitopia” is an enjoyable game that lets players create their own world and play it, too. The storyline is fun and takes the player for a wild ride as the game progresses.
I recommend this game to anyone who likes to kick back and play something for hours on end, especially if they like to create their own stories and characters.

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