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March 31, 2017
By AFestiveBrickHouse BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
AFestiveBrickHouse BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
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Team Fortress 2, one of Valve Corp.’s best makes of all, with millions grabbing this free to play, action packed game. If you were to play this game and know what the game Overwatch is, you would notice the similarities from Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch. Team Fortress has only nine classes, compared to the twenty three people in the game Overwatch. Unlike Overwatch, Team Fortress 2 has different weapons for different situations. Say you were under attack by Soldiers (the guy in the helmet), you could use Pyro (the guy on the far left in the image for Meet The Classes of tf2) and use his compression blast to reflect the rockets back to the Soldiers, killing them (after a lot of air-blasting). If you were to be a Heavy (the fat guy in the middle), you COULD use the regular minigun for casual situations, but if you were under attack by other heavies, you could use the Brass Beast [Brass Beast – more damage than a regular minigun, but takes longer to spin up.].


With many maps behind Team Fortress 2, the fun could never end. Many game modes are in the game too, Payload, CTF, CP, etc. Sometimes, different game modes are on the same map, only slight differences. One map, specifically 2fort [a CTF map with 3 entrances to the buildings], has been used by Valve ever since the first Team Fortress was created in the 1990s. Though, the 90s version looks nothing like this version of 2fort, the files in both Team Fortress 2 and the original Team Fortress both say ‘2fort’.


I believe it is time to explain what some of the classes actually do for the teams. The Scout, he is a fast runner, but does low damage for the pistol and the baseball bat. The gun that does a lot of damage is the Scattergun, which does (at point blank) 75-90 damage per shot. When he equips a Back Scatter, mini-critical hits are given for every shot in the back of the enemy. The Scout is known to circle around enemies and surprise them, making them confused and he kills them. The Soldier, which is known to come out of nowhere. The Soldier is more maneuverable than the Scout in one way – his rocket launcher. Despite how odd that sounds, most professional Soldiers use their rocket launcher to jump to extreme heights; Step 1 they perform – aim at the ground, 2 – jump and crouch at the same time, 3 – shoot. Once that happens, they shoot like, well a rocket into the sky.


I’ll talk more about the classes; The Soldier is not the only one that could shoot themselves sky high. The Engineer, unlike any of the other classes can create Sentry Mechanical Firing Devices, also known as Turrets or Sentries. These guns can be moved, but the engineer has to pick them up first (they cant shoot during that time). The Sentry can be upgraded to 3 levels (it is built at level 1). It costs 200 metal to level up a sentry, which Ammo Packs can give the amount the engineer requires to upgrade it with. The buildings he create also cost metal; Sentry – 130m, Dispenser (ammo giver to the team) – 100m, Teleporters – 50m. How the Engineer can fire himself basically across the whole battlefield is just grab a Wrangler, have a L3 sentry, aim at the ground, and right click (firing a L3 sentry’s rockets to the ground, making him fly like ‘shooting stars’). A demolition man (the guy left of the Medic [the far right guy]) can easily perform what is called a Sticky Jump by using his Sticky-bomb launcher to shoot the ground and right click, activating the bomb(s) to explode, making him shoot for the stars. These stickies can fight back against Sentries by firing them high up in the air and land on the Guns, and if you have enough of them, you can explode the Sentry, and potentially the Engineer along with it.


Now let’s talk about what makes TF2 itself. What probably makes Team Fortress 2 itself would be the Community. The Community is the way TF2 actually gets stuff done. Without the Community giving ideas to the developers, it would take years to update it and add new things, which you could still see some original weapon or map ideas still on the Community/Workshop today, say the original Mannpower maps are still on the Workshop to be liked and subscribed to. The Workshop also gives the developers ideas to create new weapons or new cosmetics.

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