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Have you ever played a game so close to your heart that by the time it ends, you feel you've lost a greater part of you? Only unforgettable memories remain by your side, sprinkling mysterious vibes all over you. Developed by Dontnod entertainment, published by Square Enix, 'Life Is Strange' is an episodic graphic adventure video game built for Microsoft Windows, Linux, PS3, PS4, XBOX one, Xbox 360 and other platforms. This game is heavily based on 'choices and their consequences' theme, allowing you to make tough decisions, sometimes leaving you in a state of dilemma.

The main protagonist of the story appears to be an 18 years old Photography student, Max Caufield, who mysteriously discovers her powerful ability to rewind time, enacting  Butterfly Effect. This five episodic game intelligently attracts more players by blending breathtaking suspense and hand-sweating mystery with late-teenage drama and University Dorm life. The game allows you to experience Max's life in all ways possible, each way exposing a new genre of the game. The game may involve you in tasks like returning flash drive to a friend, taking yourself to the girls shower room,  proving yourself smart in science lab or witnessing an intriguing situation in the rain, digging up the truth behind people's actions, and unearthing the mystery hidden for too long.

The game's graphics are exceptionally beautiful, hand-drawn works of art. Throughout the game you can examine different objects in the surounding or explore various locations set in the fictitious picturesque seaside town in Oregan. You can also exhange dialougues with people, perhaps strangers standing by the stop awaiting bus like you, or merrily drinking coffee in the diner or maybe your classmates leaning against the wall of school's hallway. Your choices for the dialogues at some instances may alter and affect the story.

What really out stands 'Life is strange' is that somewhere between fiction and unrealistic phenomenon, you're dunked in the ocean of real world, catching a glimpse of realities that you've always questioned in your life, and returned to the game where they all make sense for the very first time. The cinematic feel of the game spellbinds the players, releasing Adrenaline in their body.

Because of its blood-pumping game play and powerful story, Life Is Strange has won many awards including  BAFTA Games Award for Best Story, the Peabody-Facebook Futures of Media Award and The Game Awards’ Games for Impact Award.  By the time you end this game, you're more likely to be completely infatuated with the main characters of the game and the game itself. The game wraps up perfectly with the beautiful soundtrack tugging at your heart-strings and your eyes fixed at the screen, craving more miracles like 'Life Is Strange'.

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