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April 9, 2014
By , Hammond, IN
The Elder Scrolls V

“Skyrim the game that just keeps giving”
I rate Skyrim a 9 or of 10 stars. Due to its great graphics improvement from oblivion and combat A.I improvement and combat over all, the game features hundreds of quests including the return of our favorite not so friendly dragon Alduin the world eater and the Destroyer of Souls.
The game also features the return of the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood and (in the DLC Dragonborn) the return of the Dragon Cult.
The game has three downloadable content packs such as The Hearthfire, Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC’s.
The Dawnguard DLC’s quest line begins when the Character (Dragonborn) are attacked in a city and the quest line begins when a guard mentions the recent vampire attacks or when a city guards asks the player if he/she has heard about the reforming of the Dawnguard and thus the quest line begins. The player will be directed to a canyon when the old Fort Dawnguard rests.
In the Dragonborn DLC when the player is recognized as the one they call ”Dragonborn” Mirrak the so called “First Dragonborn” sends his cult after the player after the player kills these cultist members a note on one of them will direct the Dragonborn to a ship in the city Windhelm where a sailor will take the player to the long lost island of Morrowind and the quest line begins.
Skyrim’s main story line contains about 10 main quests and over 300 side missions and not including Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild quests.
Over 500 hours of game play and endless entertainment.
Some viewers state that There over 500 hours of game play but you might “Take and arrow in the knee before you finish it all.”
All and all this game is beautiful other that a few glitches and problems but most have been patched.

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