Far Cry 3 on Xbox 360

May 31, 2013
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My friend recently let me borrow Far Cry 3 for Xbox 360. Its rated M for mature, and i'll tell you, that rating is very accurate. In the game you play as Jason Brody, a young man with two brothers, Grant and Riley. After parachuting from a plane, you and all of your friends, and your brothers as well, are captured by a man by the name of Vass Montenegro,who works for a man named Hoyt, who runs a drug and slave ring around the Rook Islands. After you and Grant escape, grant is killed, and you must roam the island, to free your friends. You have to make key alliances in this game to survive. After you free all your friends, you kill Vass, and you kill Hoyt in a very hard battle, you have the choice to kill your friends to become a Rakyatt tribesman and king, or free them, and continue to roam the island. Throughout the game, you must complete side missions, such as reactivating radio towers Hoyt's men have turned off, and liberating outposts for the rebels. I give the game a 10/ 10. It follows a great story, and never failed to dissapoint with a boring moment. Even when missions were unavalible, I had fun driving around, and/ or hunting wild animals, with my bow and arrow.I beat the game in a week and a half, showing that the story line is a decent lengh as well. I would highly reccomend this game to anyone who sees it on the shelf and is looking for a great asction/ shooter game. It is avalible for Xbox 360, Ps3, and Microsoft Windows.

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