Call of Duty Blackops 2 on Xbox 360 Wii Playstation 3 PC

April 21, 2013
By , trevose, PA
Black Ops 2 Review

The game I picked to review was Call Of Duty Black Ops 2. It was released November 13, 2012. The game is rated M for mature 17+. This game can be played on Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation3 and the PC.

The object of the game is to kill the other team and level up. This game is multiplayer so many players can play. The most amount of people in a game can be 18 players. The game play gets easier after you level up and play more.

The graphics are also very good they arevvery clear. Also the sound is very clear it’s not staticy.

I think this game will be played for a lot longer. There has been two map packs added in. The first one Revolution gives you 4 new multiplayer maps a new gun and a new zombie map. The second map pack Uprising is also very good it brings 4 new maps and a new zombies map. I think the map packs will make people keep wanting to play. Therefore it will last longer.

Overall I think this game is very good. Most think it is the best shooting game out. I recommend this game to people who like to play video games and have fun. I don’t recommend this game to people who get mad easily cause sometimes it makes you mad. I give this game a five star rating.

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