Halo 4 on Xbox 360

January 9, 2013
The Halo game franchise just came out with its fourth installment in its epic game series. Halo has been in the game world since the first Xbox was released and has only been for the Xbox in its 12 year existence. Bungie was the first company that gave birth to the game, but then in 2011 they gave up on the franchise and gave it to 343 Industries. Although they are a new company they had high hopes for the game. Everybody else doubted that they could take the games to new heights. The trailer came out and they didn’t release much, but if you were a true fan this left you wanting more and left you more excited than a kid in a chocolate factory.

The game came out and the world of Halo players wet themselves like an over excited dog. The game picked up where Halo 3 left off. You’re the Master Chief, last of a race of engineered super soldiers, floating in space with your A.I., Cortana. That’s when you’re woken up by Cortana and you start your new adventure. You have to fight the new enemy called the Prometheans and your main enemy through the series, the Covenant. The good thing is that the UNSC super carrier Infinity also crash lands on the same planet and, you find them in order to save you’re A.I Cortana from her rampancy. The story plot line takes many different twists and turns but the biggest shock is when you meet the enemy that is talked about the whole series; The Forerunners.

The multiplayer stays exciting no matter how many competitive online matches you play. There is a new up-date every month, the playlists change giving a better experience for the player. Then in the Spartan Ops playlist a new episode is added every week or so, so that you can keep yourself in the game. It’s kind of like having a second campaign. Then the forge mode is the one piece that is under done. It is not as good as the forge from Halo Reach. Although it is not as good with the big maps you and your friends can still wreak havoc on the forge game mode.

In all 343 industries did not disappoint with their first game that they made in the Halo series. They kept it interesting and took the series to new heights and set the bar for future games. With low expectations in the first place the game did well with all of the pre-orders that were made and all of the games that were actually sold. The copy was gladly received by many people all over the world and to this day the gameplay is fun and fast. There were no flaws that were picked up right away and the flaws do not take away from the amazing gameplay that you are immersed in.

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