NBA 2K12 on Xbox 360, PS3

May 23, 2012
By StudMuffin SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
StudMuffin SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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There are millions of people around the world who have the popular video game called NBA 2K12. It was first released on October 4th, 2011. For a while, it was the most bought videogame. As of April, there have been more than four million copies sold worldwide. In part to this, gamers love NBA 2K12 for its great graphics, but most importantly the addicting game modes. Those are campaign mode, Xbox Live, and addicting game modes.

The campaign mode is where it all starts, and where it all ends. Challenge a friend to a one on one game, or play as a team. The players playing can pick any team they want. They can pick teams such as the Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, or the Boston Celtics, just to name a few. If unlocked, there are older NBA teams from the past you can play with such as the Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, the Boston Celtics with Larry Bird, etc. There are also foreign teams like Italy, China, Japan, and so on. Its kind of cheating, but the 2012 All-Star teams are on there, so you can play with them to. When playing, you can have up to 4 players depending on how many controllers you have. Before playing, you can pick which jerseys you want to wear, and the starting line-up. In the settings, the court to be played at can be of your choice, the quarter lengths can be chosen, and the difficulty of play (rookie, all-star, veteran) . Campaign never legs (skips, freezes) during the game unlike Xbox Live. After playing campaign, call up a friend and play on Xbox Live.

Xbox Live is just like Campaign mode but instead of playing against someone that you have to be with, you can play your friends, family, or a random match. If you play in a random match, its possible to play someone from Japan, China, France, and of course the U.S. But Xbox Live usually just consists of playing with their friends or their family members. Earlier when I said Xbox Live may lag, it does. It only depends on the internet connection on your xbox. On Xbox Live you can customize your match just like campaign. For example, the court at which to be played, the quarter length, and the level of difficulty. Just like campaign mode. You can also play as a team of up to 8, or a game you against another friend. Xbox Live at first may be confusing to use but once you get it down it's easy. But if someone gets tired of their laggy connection on Xbox Live they can play in the other fun game modes there are in 2K.

In game modes, there are many fun things to do/explore. Build up a struggling team to contend for the NBA Title in season mode. Trade for the best players in the league, or sign Free Agents. In the NBA Draft you can draft the upcoming stars too. In season mode there are a lot of the things you have to do to keep your team afloat. Another fun mode is called My Player. My Player mode is where you create a player to be a future Hall of Famer. The My Player gets drafted after a one game performance to a team that is interested in him. The My Player will start at a low overall but will earn skill points either from having good games or from practicing. The so called “skill points” will go to a area you want to improve in. Such as speed, inside shots, 3 pointers, agility, post up, etc. There are many more to contribute to. It just depends on what area the My Player needs to improve in. There are milestones the My Player can reach to. A few examples of those milestones are first points, 10,000 point, first trade, etc. Work your way into the starting 5 lineup! These are few of the many and addicting game modes on NBA 2K12.

With campaign mode, Xbox Live, and the fun game modes mentioned and not mentioned, is all what makes this game so good. Though there may be some glitches, there are many good things that come out of it, such as the almost perfect graphics and all of the things to do. This is my favorite game of 2011 and will continue to top the charts. So if you want a new video game, check it out. I hope to see you on NBA 2K12!

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