NBA 2K12 on Playstation 3, XBOX 360, Wii, Ipod touch, PSP

January 6, 2012
For a long time, I have been playing “NBA 2K11” and I thought it was the most amazing basketball simulation game that I ever played. I was even thinking of skipping this year’s game because of how great this one was. Well that would have been a very stupid move to do that. “NBA 2K12” takes everything that I adored from last year and made it even better! It also brought all the down sides of the previous year and fixes them to make it unbelievable. Other sports games better step up because “NBA 2K12” just schooled them! I am glad that 2K Sports took over the job of Sega after 2005!

This game has three different covers that highlight the best hall of fame athletes in basketball, who are: Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and the game’s greatest, Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan became very popular cover as it was also used in “NBA 2K11”, but it is a lot more than Michael Jordan and the Jordan challenges from last year. In “NBA 2K12” they include a game mode called, “NBA’s Greatest Mode” which brings you in the past with the hall of famers and bring you to their most highlighted games that you can play. It brings you players like Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Shaq at his prime with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Orlando Magic. What other 2K game can you see that have that?

Last year there were many complaints on how the players looked. People complained that many players looked like aliens and were not accurate on how they looked in real life, but in “NBA 2K12” they fixed it, but did not perfect it all the way. Last year Kobe looked like an alien the most out of all the other players in the NBA game, and he made a very big improvement and noticeable change this year. This year the game play is perfect, the moves were precise, and the players look very much like you watch them on HD TV.

No sports games have ever made me this exited to play. NBA 2K is doing a really amazing job on setting the right standards when it comes to these basketball video games. Last year, I had many complaints about the game play, graphics, game modes, and basically the game itself, but this year, I thought that everything was perfect and the way it should be. I cannot wait until the upcoming games that 2K sports will offer.

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Frenchie15 said...
Jan. 18, 2012 at 3:17 pm
2k12 is so is the best game of all time in my book.if they decide to make 2k13 then i cant wait to see it because it should be hard to top 2k12
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