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November 21, 2011
By Hunter Blakeslee BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Hunter Blakeslee BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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When I first played “MLB 10,” my mind was blown. The graphics were extraordinary, the details amazing, and the commentary accurate. “MLB 11: The Show” brings this and more. It has good aspects and great aspects, and I have only a few gripes.

Right off the bat, the main menu is very organized, and there is a wide variety of fun game modes. My three favorites are Exhibition, Season, and Franchise. Exhibition mode is basically a quick set-up game where you can battle against the computer or challenge a friend. Each player can choose a team and make pitching rotation and lineup adjustments. Exhibition gameplay is detailed with upcoming games, promotions, and if you have PlayStation network, live scores from current Major League Baseball games.

In Season mode you can pick a team and play a full-length season. You can choose how many games to play and adjust the difficulty. You can make trades, make calls to the minor leagues, sign free agents, and tweak your pitching staff and batting order. Try to outplay the rest of the league and make it to the World Series.

Franchise mode is very similar to season mode, but it includes money management. Keep your fans and players happy by setting up promotions and TV contracts. Buy a team jet for faster travel. Just don't fall into debt!

While Exhibition, Season, and Franchise are all good, a few features make this game better than ever. For example, The Road To The Show game mode, in my opinion, is the best part. Its concept is to create a player, get drafted into the MLB, and work your way up to being the best in the league. My favorite part is the detail in creating your player. There are options to change bats, accessories, shoes, and gloves – even to design your player's face.

Training is perhaps the most important part, and your player is awarded points for his performance on the field. Spend these on training to be the best.

This game is full of great features, but I do have one major gripe. “MLB 10” struggled in the online gameplay mode. I was hoping “MLB 11” would work better, but I was wrong. The gameplay is slow, the commentary bland. It is almost impossible to play online because it is so slow.

This game is rated E for everyone. It is also compatible with 3D, HD, and PlayStation Move. The graphics, detail, and gameplay are all extraordinary. “MLB 11: The Show” is an upgrade from last year.

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