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March 24, 2011
By jonathan castillo BRONZE, Middletown, New York
jonathan castillo BRONZE, Middletown, New York
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Resistance 2 became one of the best games on 2010 and one of the most sale games. Resistance 2 is one of those games that could show you how could the world end but at the same time how Nathan the main character saves the world. He has theses dieses from chimeras for 2 years he had been controlling since he knew he had it and now he has four days to live and four days to save the world! Did he really save it?

Resistance is about a soldier that’s been on the army for 3 years and today their being invited by Chimeras. Chimeras are theses type of aliens with 38 sharp teeth, ugly faces and two big yellow eyes. The Chimeras wear theses heavy armor that protects them from human weapons. They try to protects them self from with what they have. Humans don’t have nothing to protect them self’s from the chimeras weapons. Nathan is with his squad going to a base that’s located on Chicago. Where humanity on the United States is located because of the invasion, Chicago is the only one that hasn’t been attack by the Chimeras. The base is called the Resistance.

Nathan and his squad are located on Pennsylvania. They have a long way to go especially if they don’t want to be seen by the Chimeras. They were half the way to get to the Chicago Base and they were attack by these tall Grim their almost the same as the Chimeras but the grim have a really big mouth and they have 57 sharp teeth and with on beat it could be deadly almost like a snake beat but the grim beat is 20 times more deadly them the most dangerous snake on the world. They were attack and all of Nathans squad was attack and he was the only one that survives. When he woke up after the attack he saw all of his squad around him dead. He didn’t just survive he was now carrying the Chimera disease. The humans didn’t know that that disease excited. He was the first one that had survived a grim attack. He was serious not showing his feelings after the death of his squad, and on his way.

Now Nathan was alone and still on his way to the base. With no supplies for him to survive nothing to eat, drink and clothes he only had his weapon to survive but how when the humans weapons don’t do any damage to the chimeras. Almost 10% of humanity was still alive. The other 90% was dead by now. The 10% of the humanity still alive were on the “Resistance “everyone was armed in case of an attack by the chimeras. There were not enough supplies for all the people that were on the base. The soldiers on the base where going around town looking for supplies for all the people on the base, so that they could be able to survive. All the commanders of the base were waiting for Nathan they were worried about him “Where are you Nathan”?

Nathan Arrive to the base six days after the invasion of the chimeras. Nathan was surprise that the Chimeras haven’t attack the base after almost a week after the invasion. Or they were planning on how to make the attack, because the chimeras know that the humans are really armed on that base. When Nathan Arrive he was check by Malenkov the doctored that checks all of the soldiers. Doctor Malenkov told Nathan that he has a something that he haven’t seen before he told Nathan that he would try to find more about what he had. Two days later Malenkov told him that he had a disease that he probably had it when he was attack by the Grims. Malenkov had found some type of plant that could controlled the disease for a while and try to find the cured. In the other hand Nathan and the other commanders and soldier were trying to him the chimeras’ weakness. They try to controlled more of Chicago not just the base because if the chimeras attack directly to the based they knew that they would all get killed easily. So that they could control the outside of the based and put some type defense. They controlled the outside and know they could be safer on the based. The chimeras had mother ships were they captured humans to make more chimeras. The chimera’s weakness of was their mother ships

If the humans find a way to takedown the mother ships in some way. The chimeras would be weaker because they would not take the inter damage that. They would not tolerate to see their leaders fall. Their names are “Angles”. They could controlled the mines of humans and their like one thousand pounds little heads and no arms but they could fly, their also really fast. Once one of the Angles is down the chimeras would became easier. Them all of the angles would be easier to kill but first they have to take down the mot6hership so that the angle in side would die. The easiest way to take it down would be?

The easiest way to take it down would be to but a bomb in the mother ship. The humans had found a plan on how to take the mother ship down. One commander say but how would we get in the mother ship when it is four thousand feet from the floor and if they see a human air plane they would take us down. Nathan was thinking. They had found a solution. They would try to steal an air plane from the chimeras and once stealing it they would find a way to get in the mother ship. They were on their way to the mother ship with the bomb ready to kill all the chimeras in the mother ship.

They got to the mother ship and without the chimeras knowing that they were there. They were looking for the fuel of the mother ship so that the explosion would make more damage and so they could be sure that it would take down the mother ship. Before putting the boob they were found by the angle that was on the mother ship with hit on the floor of the mother ship it break the legs of the soldier that were found by the angle. Nathan was alone with Capelin they were both going were the boob was and plant it them get out of there. Nathan was so weak by now he had only some minutes to live he as starting to look like a Chimera. They plant the boob they were heading to the chimera ship they stole and try to get as far as they could so the explosion would not take them down. As they were trying to scape

They got as far as they could and the explosion still toke them down. They were falling straight to the ground they survive. Capelin was knock out by the crash and then he got back up Nathan was gone he was outside. That wasn’t Nathan any more he had become and chimera he said “This is not over this is Just the beginning “. Capelin said “It was honor knowing you” and he shot Nathan right on the middle of the head. Capelin was thinking this is just the begging? Did he really save the world by destroying the mother ship?

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When is the next game coming out?

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