Switched at Birth

May 12, 2013
Switched at birth

Can you Imagine being brought up in the wrong family, the wrong place, and not knowing until your late teen years? How would you react? Would you be angry at the hospital, or angry at your parents for not noticing? You probably would always know you're different and know you don't quite fit in among your family, but would you ever guess you were switched at birth? The hit TV show Switched at Birth has portrayed this event amazingly in my opinion with great characters and phenomenal plot it is by far my favorite show.

Vanessa Marano as Bay Kennish and Katie Leclere as Daphne Vasquez are the girls who were unfortunate and and when the hospital made a slight mistake their lives were mixed since the day of their birth. The other characters Kathryn Kennish and John Kennish, Lea thompson and D.W moffett are the parents of Bay the brown curly haired latina looking girl that supposedly was born from a orange haired mom and an all-american dad did not exactly make sense to them but would you ever expect that? Daphne’s parents Regina Vasquez literally Constance Marie and Angelo Sorento as gilles Marini are now divorced with a deaf daughter who they always thought was theirs is now just a lie. Other characters are Bay’s brother lucas Grabbed as toby kennish and daphne’s long time friend whos also deaf Sean Berdy as emmett bledsoe. The first show was amazing carefully going over every part of the plot and characters.

The plot of Switched at birth is incredible before this who imagined two young girls being switched in the hospital and not figuring out till they could actually understand the immense situation. so imagine this 2 newborn babies in hospital names switched on cards and no one realizing. Bay grew up in a wealthy family never worrying about anything, and then Daphne who if not switched wouldn't be deaf or having to live in a car half the time, thats the life Bay would've, should've had, how would you feel about that?Switched at birth is already on the second season, now struggling with much more than just the thought with boyfriends involved and friends, Regina and angelo’s relationship is now i big picture with him coming into the girl's life after not being there for almost all of Daphne’s. I love the way each character interacts with one another and the dialogue of this show is main reason i watch the hit tv show.

My one main thought after watching one episode is, WOW, each and every show is packed with an extreme amount of emotions from one show being involved with Daphne’s struggle with being deaf and the next with Bay’s problems with the law and her graffitti. I think the author of this is extremely well at planning each episode around trying to grab the watchers attention pulling them away from anything else and making them focus soul on the show. The thing that impacted me the most in this show is the way these two families pulled themselves together after the tragedy and made themselves one.
The characters in this portrayed extremely hard roles, the plot was beautifully executed and i can't say one bad thing about thips show. I don't think you can imagine thinking know you're in the wrong family it wouldn't seem possible. But have you thought about it are you in the right family? (;

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