The Nanny

January 5, 2010
There are the reality shows like The Hills, the competition shows like American Idol, and there are the classics, the ones that will always be loved no matter how old they get. My favorite classic show is " The Nanny." The Nanny is based around a Queens born girl, Fran Fine. When looking for a job as a make-up seller, Fran suddenly finds herself hired as the nanny of three kids. Her employer Maxwell Sheffield, is one of Broadway's hottest producers. As the show progresses, it clearly centers more on the blind love between Fran and Maxwell, and her bond between his three kids. Through her quirky attitude and slick remarks, Maxwell inevitably falls in love with her and they soon get married. Living the upper east side life, Fran changes not only in the way she dresses, but matures as a person. Proving to everyone how genuine and charismatic she can be, Fran still doesn't forget the out-spoken Queens girl that got her here in the first place. With their problems put aside, Fran is bound to enjoy the rest of her life with Maxwell and the kids, remembering every now and then to appreciate everything that has happened to her. I still remember the first time watching this show. I heard commercials that they were going to run the show again, but I paid no attention to it. After an episode of George Lopez, there was nothing else on so I took a chance and watched The Nanny with my sister. I ended up loving the show and started watching it everyday, always laughing at the most original material that I haven't seen in a while. The Nanny is a real show because the problems it's based around are real, it centers on issues that rise in this world everyday. This show brings me down to earth because it's hard to find yourself through the materialistic world we find ourself in today.

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Confused_scheherazade This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 9, 2011 at 9:35 pm

I love this review. I read somewhere that The Nanny was  like the 90s version of I Love Lucy. Fran Dresher is aa amazing actress, bringing charmisa, style, and humor to television. I watch the show every time I need a laugh. Thanks for the review.


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