Gossip Girl

November 8, 2009
By Anonymous

Gossip Girl? Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s Elite? Not anymore.
Last week on the Upper East Side, the Halls of NYU and the streets of Brooklyn Gossip Girl went for a political theme and we saw some Upper East Siders show their true colors. Nate Archibald anyone? Campaigning for his cousin Trip (who we met last season) brought out the “Archibald” in Nate. He took a few pointers from his sneaky, conniving grandfather and set up a ploy to get Trip elected. Worse than that though, when Nate’s girlfriend turned friend (?) Vanessa caught it all on tape, he lied to her too. Luckily, spending so much time with Blair seems to have rubbed off on Vanessa, Nate’s secret got out and he had to do a little damage control.

Speaking of Blair, that fight she had with Serena last week? Not over. Serena uses her fake Hollywood boyfriend to make Blair jealous, which of course works, so Blair sets out to find herself a new best friend. And with jealousy blinding her, Blair brings a high-class call girl into Chuck Bass’s hotel and the congressman-elects election party. But not to worry, Blair’s not the only one to be disappointed; Serena’s new beau isn’t all she cracks him up to be. And his crazy antics push her to the limit, no more PR work for Serena Van Der Woodsen, but really how long did you expect her to last?

Last, but not least (just least exciting) Hilary Duff is still working her magic on the Upper East Side as Dan Humphrey movie star girlfriend. This time, she tells an embarrassing story about Dan on Jimmy Fallon and tries to hide it from him. Of course on a show like Gossip Girl he’s going to find out, and that he does. But it’s no the embarrassing story he’s worried about, it’s the fact that he forgot their 1 month anniversary. Not to worry though, all is well; he makes it up to Olivia (Duff) with a romantic picnic dinner.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, I hear there’s some real Gossip Girl sized scandal on its way. Ménage a trios anyone? Find out tomorrow at 9 on the CW.


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