My life would suck without you

February 18, 2009
By Anonymous

“ Guess this means you’re sorry you’re standing at my door. Guess this means you take back all you said before.” These are the first few lines of my favorite song. This song is called “ My life would suck without you” by Kelly Clarkson. She won season 1 of American Idol.

I think that more people should give Kelly Clarkson another chance. The speaker of this song is a woman. The woman is a person who is getting out of an argument with her boyfriend. She is still mad at him, but, she can’t let him go. Another reason why Kelly Clarkson should be given another chance is because although she was not the best in the past, but now she has the experience and the voice to blow you away.

Even if you don’t have love in your life that shouldn’t matter because this song can still make you look forward to a love in the future. Some people think “oh I don’t have love so I don’t want to listen to happy people in relationships.” Blah blah blah. Ok so reality is that life is not perfect! In this song Kelly Clarkson makes that point clear.

Finally, Kelly Clarkson’s style is very diverse, unique singer who has a strong future.

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