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   In January, as I listened to lead singer NoelGallagher on the radio I could tell I was in for a good evening. He wasbelting "All Around the World" live over the local radiostation. Traffic on the Washington, D.C. beltway was backed up witheager business people on their way home. When we finally got to GeorgeMason University in Fairfax, Virginia, my thoughts were confirmed. Notonly was the parking lot packed, the stadium was also extremely crowded.Even though we arrived early, we still had to sit fairly high but at agood viewing distance.

The opening band, Cornershop, was good.They seemed a little tense at first, but soon loosened up. They beganwith a few songs from their first album, "When I Was Born For TheFirst Time." The crowd was excited to hear the familiar"Brimful of Asha" and quickly sang along. Cornershop'sperformance was short, lasting 30 minutes, but the crowd was anxious forthe main event.

After being warned many times not to throw thingsat the stage during Oasis' performance, the crowd began to settle down.Just as things were calm, Noel Gallagher strolled onto the stage withOasis behind him. The bandmates took their respective positions andkicked off their American tour. Their first set was a mix of songs fromtheir three albums: "Definitely Maybe," "(What's TheStory) Morning Glory?" and their latest, "Be HereNow."

About three-quarters through their show, Oasis leftthe stage and only Noel returned. He sat on a stool center stage withhis acoustic guitar, and sang a few songs including "Don't GoAway." People got out their lighters and began to sway. Everyonewas singing along.

When Noel finished his set, his bandmatesreturned and they played the rest of their show. The audience was sad tosee the night come to a close. The crowd wanted an encore so badly thatwe clapped for ten continous minutes. Finally, the band returned, a bitsurprised over the persistence of the audience. Liam Gallagher,tambourine in hand, began singing, "Be Here Now." It was agreat way to end the show. I had a wonderful time and would recommend toanyone who has the chance, go see this revolutionary band.

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