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Long Walk to Freedom

May 4, 2018
By malikgoodcake GOLD, Sacramento, California
malikgoodcake GOLD, Sacramento, California
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Lhat is freedom?  The people did not have freedom and were not free.  The harsh laws of apartheid made Africans separate from whites.  South African government was very racist to its natives.  Mandela was born there and later on experienced it firsthand.  In the movie he fights for his people's freedom.  In the movie it shows Mandela being a hero, freedom fighter, and a forgiver of his oppressors.  Ultimately, you should watch this movie because it shows the fight for liberty and freedom.


Nelson Mandela is a great person.  He helped helped his people become free and have a fair citizenship within their country.  He fought against unjust laws that was very racist.  He helped eliminate it and make a more united country.  He forgave the people that was racist to his people and achieved a stronger country.  He was the first South African president.


In the movie Mandela is a young boy growing up in a village.  He leaves his mom to learn how to become a chief.  In 1942 he goes to Johannesburg and see’s racism all over.  The people have to show passes to go anywhere.  He and his friend had the only African law firm in the country.  He joins with the ANC a group does protests and stands against the oppression.  The people have a peaceful protests and end up getting shot and lots of deaths occur.  Mandela starts defiance campaign and doesn't do anymore peaceful protests.  He starts to be more violent and bomb places.  He becomes a fugitive and gets caught.  They sentence him life imprisonment.  He doesn't see his family for a long time.  The government offered to work with him talking about the violence to release him.  He works with president De Klerk and they win the Nobel Peace prize.  He becomes first african president and make a united country.


This film had great techniques.  It made the movie more interesting.  The techniques they used was a voice over to give us a feel for him more.  It was a very good movie.  It made the viewer feel sad and all other kind of emotions.

I really enjoyed this movie and hope you might watch it someday.  Mandela was a very good man and it does a good job of showing that in this movie.  I like that it shows his struggles to make him and his country stronger to stand up against something that was not right.

The author's comments:

I like Mandela and decided to write a review about one of his movies.

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