Tommy Boy

February 1, 2018
By creative-screen-name BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
creative-screen-name BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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 “Tommy Boy” is what some would consider a dad movie. It’s a raunchy 90s Sandleresque comedy. Of the people that I’ve talked to, they really hate or really love this movie. I’ve found some really great reviews, but also some really not so great reviews. Many people don’t really appreciate the raw comic genius that is this 1995 film. Others may be deterred by the forty three percent rating on the esteemed Rotten Tomatoes, but sometimes bad reviews should be ignored, and I’m here to tell you why.
With an all star cast, “Tommy Boy” has some phenomenal characters that really make the  movie, in my opinion. With different actors, it could have gone in a completely different direction. Chris Farley plays Tommy Callahan, the lovable son who steps up to save the company when his father Big Tom, who is portrayed by Brian Dennehy, passes away. Farley’s comedic energy is emphasized in this role and the part feels as if it was written specifically for him. David Spade is Richard, Tommy’s partner. Richard is seen by most as a jerk. He’s mean, he’s serious, he’s “Mr. Insult.” But he’s also kind of a loner, and Spade is able to provide the snarky, sarcastic attitude in a way that nobody else could. When this is paired with Farley, there’s get an iconic duo that hasn’t really been done before. Special guests like Dan Aykroyd, Rob Lowe, and Bo Derek also make appearances as antagonists throughout the film.
The movie takes place all over the midwest, but the magic begins in Sandusky, Ohio. When Tommy’s father dies, the auto parts company in his name is in danger. Tommy and Richard need to hit the road and start making sales. Along the way, just like in a real business trip, they encounter several challenges that they need to beat, and most of the time they don’t. Maybe the tone should have been more serious, as this is a very serious problem. But it is a comedy, and I think that the writers really deserve more credit. Who wants to watch a movie about selling brake pads? I know I didn’t, but the lines and characters have a way of spicing up the story. There is a playful, but also stressed tone that is laid out from the beginning and they were able to keep that for the majority of the film, and do it well.
I’ve learned a lot of lessons from “Tommy Boy.” Don’t pick dead animals up off the side of the road. Always make sure to take the oil can out of the car after using it. Make sure it’s windy enough before going sailing. But if I were to summarize the overall message, the one thing that the viewer should really take away, I think it would have something to do with hard work. It’s about stepping up and taking whatever life throws your way with a smile, even if it isn’t always smile inducing. It’s about doing your best even if your best might not be good enough and I think that’s a pretty good message to spread, and the filmmakers did a really good job in doing so, displaying not only the wins, but also the losses.
“Tommy Boy” has got a fantastic cast, with some big names from SNL. There’s an interesting plot line with a little bit of something for everyone. The message is very clearly conveyed, and it’s a good message. “Tommy Boy” was well done for it’s time, and I believe that it has shaped the way we see comedy today. We shouldn’t always listen to the critics, Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t always know what they’re talking about. “Why say no, when it feels so good to say yes?”

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