Remember the Titans

November 27, 2017

Remember the Titans is an iconic football movie that touches base on many social issues in society such as racism, discrimination, prejudice, aggression, and segregation. This movie is based upon a football team at T.C. Williams High School located in Alexandria, Virginia. In the time frame of 1971, there were laws passed that gave African Americans the right to integrate schools that were originally for Caucasians only. This brought an uproar at T.C. Williams High School resulting in problematic situations. The movie plays out how two schools both African American and Caucasian integrate, especially with their football teams. Coach Bill Yoast coached the players at T.C Williams High School up until Coach Herman Boone was promoted the position of a head coach there. This caused conflict issues when combining both races together in one team. Athletes were pushed to become one team that learned the importance of racial equality within the sport and society. Once the players were conditioned with team cohesion by both coaches then the Titans were able to harmonize and win their championship.

Social Issues:
* Coach Bill Yoast being recognized instead of Coach Boone for the Titans’ successful season
* When one of the white football players called Denzel a monkey
* When Caucasians were out protesting against school integration at the high school
* Coach Boone being told that if he didn’t have any wins then he would be removed as head coach for the Titans

Sexual Harassment:
* One of the football players being called, “Sunshine” because of his sexual preference
Violence and Aggression
* Bartier attacking Julius over a disapproval of a poster in the room
* Citizens in the community rioting and attacking the African Americans
* Both races fighting inside the school

The issues stated above all relate to sociological issues in one way or another. Racism is presented throughout the entire movie because African Americans and whites refused to be on civil terms. Both races made unremarkable comments and actions towards each other resulting in discriminating and segregating each other. The result of the athletes separating from one another was Coach Boone had them pair up to get to know each other. It was made clear that everyone's role on the team would be determined by their hard work, not by race. Sexual harassment is also brought up when one of the players gets called, "Sunshine" because he seems to be too into himself, pretty, and feminine. Athletes calling him, Sunshine, forced him to act out by kissing Gerry, this way he will be accepted by the team for who he really is.

Remember the Titans was and still is a movie that touches base with the reality of the society we use to live in. Although there is many issues that are still happening in our society they are starting to decrease. Remember the Titans is filled with racism, discrimination, violence, and many segregation acts. This movie does a good job of showing all these sociological issues and harmonizing the athletes and some society to become one.

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