Another Paul Walker Blockbuster??

November 26, 2017

¨Vehicle 19¨ is a movie about a man named Michael who rents a car from an airport and gets involved into something with the local police. Rachel uncovers illegal trafficking by high ranking police officers. She dies so it’s up to Michael to expose the truth while not getting in trouble with police. He exposes them on the news but gets shot in the act. This movie’s plot was great but it lacks some things that could make it better.
The characters in the movie acted great and made the movie better. Michael played by Paul Walker is an american fugitive who violates parole to go to South Africa to see his lover Angelica. Rachel is a government worker who discover sex trafficking. She wants to expose this information out to the world. Detective Smith is like the villain of the movie. He acts like the good guy so Michael can give him the car where Rachel is tied up in. Then when Michael agrees he tries to kill both of them in the act. He also threatens other that will help Rachel and MIchael. These characters made the movie action pack and mysterious.
The movie lacks in special effects. The explosions in the movie are really poor. The explosions looks like plastic and the fire in the movie looks like artificial fire. I recommend them asking Michael Bay to do the explosions in the remake. The car chases in the movie are also poor. MIchael just swerves around cars and the police cars do the same. There are no action shot were cars avoid trains or the police gets hit by civilians. Toy car chases are better than this. Last is when the police truck rams into Michael? minivan.MIchael stops in the middle of the road and then he gets rammed on the driver? side by a cop. Miraculously Michael? car survives and is still fully functional.
This movie? plot was stupendous. The movie was blended emotion and action. Emotion was present when Michael gets shot and when Rachel says her testimony before she dies. Action was when MIchael escapes everything to and exposes the high ranking officers. Michael wants to give the car and Rachel to detective Smith so he won't get in trouble with the law. At the end he wants to do whats right because he has nothing to do. Rachel? character brings the characters together. He finds the problem and involves Michael.
This movie was not a hit on the big screen. Paul Walker’s role was great but the rest of the movie didn’t support it. The plot was also good but it lacked some small details. “Vehicle 19” was a blockbuster not. If they do make a sequel they should improve these mistakes or not do the same mistakes. Finally, the movie idea was great but it suffered in different areas and these mishaps made the movie bad.

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