Jurassic World

November 19, 2017
By BirdNerd BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
BirdNerd BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Jurassic World is a very memorable movie with all of its twists. That main surprising turn was the message saying that Humanity acts large, but we are actually very weak on our own. We must work together and learn to live with each other through peace and love. As Mr. Masrani said, “The key to a happy life is to accept you are never actually in control.” This message was well portrayed all throughout the movie.

The portrayal of character traits in each person helped bring the movie together. Claire’s personality was displayed exceptionally well. She was a  well-groomed scientist that cared about money and we were shown this when she decided to talk profits voluntarily. Gray’s nerdy behavior was well displayed through his love for dinosaurs and yearning for the plane to go faster so he may see his favorite animal. Lastly, Owen Grady’s personality was displayed through all of his traits. He was seen as a true man due to him being tough but loving. He showed his loving side by not allowing the Raptors to be shot. Owen showed his manly side many times throughout the film, but it was best portrayed when he stood a group of Raptors in the face to save his fellow man.

The setting of the film really aided the development of the plot. The pen containing the Indominus really showed how humanity doesn’t see creatures as living things. All we see is something that needs to look presentable. This is also where the cheapness and genes of the Indominus allowed her to escape. The control room showed that humans don’t see animals as living things. We see them as numbers on a sheet of paper. We might have the top security, but something will always go wrong. All of the sets looked realistic, accurate, and had the proper emotional feel needed to aid in the plot development.

The plot of the story was well developed over a series of events. It started when Zack and Grey were going to see Aunt Claire at Jurassic World. Grey was so excited when he got there, but Aunt Claire was busy. We were later introduced to the Indominus and were shown how little people care about animals, which led to her escape. We were put through many emotional events as they tried to capture her.

In conclusion, Jurassic World was a very fascinating and emotional film. The message of the film speaks for itself. Humans truly don’t care about living creatures because they don’t take the time to actually enjoy life. We need to use this film as a lesson we need to relax and just respect Mother Nature.

The author's comments:

I hope people will learn to respect animals and that money isn't really that important when it comes to life or death.

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