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November 17, 2017
By soccer_10 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
soccer_10 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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“Lion” is a drama  and biographical film, based on the true story of Saroo and in a book called “A Long Journey Home”, a child from India. In this film they speak in three languages English, Hindi, and Bengali and it was signed in India and Australia. The director of this film is called Garth Davis and actors Dev Patel (Saroo), Sunny Pawar (young Saroo), Nicole Kidman (Sue), David Wenham (John Brierley), Abhishek Bharate (Guddu), Priyanka Bose (Kamla). I liked that they made this movie because it based on real life and is an example of what happens in India.

This story is good because it has emotional moments, and it gives you as an example of how your life can change  in an instant.  This movie made me feel differently as sad, happy, and surprised. I feel that it is a very good movie to watch, because it shows what happens in the world or in the country of India makes you understand that for lack of benefits or economy, very young children have to go to work to help his mother to bring a little money or food.      

This film is about a 5 year old boy growing up in rural India called Ganesh Talai, Saroo used to meet his older brother while they were looking for coins and food on trains to help his impoverished mother and sister. One day in 1986, Saroo wanted to accompany his brother Guddu to work at night, Guddu said no because he was too small and could not do things, so Saroo began to load a chair and his brother's bicycle to show that he could then convince his brother Guddu and take him to his work. They traveled on a train to get to the place but upon arriving at that place Saroo fell asleep and no longer accompanied Guddu then Guddu decided to leave him at the train station and asks him to stay there until he returns. He woke up but got in on an empty train parked a few stops away from his hometown while waiting for his brother to pick him up. When he woke up hours later, he was 1600 kilometers away, drifting on an out-of-service train that was eventually heading for Calcutta. There was when everything changed in his life and he had challenges.

When he arrived at Calcutta, he was scared and desperate because he did not know where he was and where his brother and his mother. Saroo tries to sleep in the tunnel of the train station with other homeless children. But in the middle of the night, some mans come and chase them. Only Saroo escapes because it is small enough to fit through a space in the entrance. From there the passage demolished by the streets of the city until it was going by a train tracks and is a woman named Noor which she realizes that she does not speak Bengali but Hindi. She takes him home and gives him some food and a drink, which apparently he had never tried before. She goes to bed and she tells him that a friend named Rama wants to meet him. Rama visits and curls up with Saroo, telling him he's going to take him with some friends. Before he leaves, he asks Saroo to get up and look at him. He tells Noor that Saroo is the exact type of child they are looking for. The next morning, Noor tries to feed Saroo again but he no longer trusts her (Noor and his accomplice are supposed to sell Saroo into sexual slavery). He runs out of his house before Rama can return to claim him.

After Saroo escaped from Noor's house, he lasted for about two months hanging around the streets of Calcutta. He finds a large spoon in a pile of rubble and saves it. Saroo sits in front of a cafe where you can see a young man through the window, eating soup. Saroo copies his gestures that amuses the man. When the man leaves the cafe he approaches Saroo and takes him to a police station, the man tells him that Bengali does not speak only Hindi and the police start asking him about where he is from and he said Ganestalay but it seemed that place He did not exist (the reality that he misnamed the name of where he was, since it was Ganesh Talai) and they asked him the name of his mother and he did not know the name of his mother, only the "Mum" said. They take a picture of him and he circulates around in newspapers for aversi somebody knew. Meanwhile, Saroo is sent to an orphanage to live with other children.

They spent a few days in the orphanage. A social worker named Mrs. Sood arrives at the orphanage and tells Saroo that her picture has been circulated in the Calcutta newspapers, which reach 15 million people, but no one has been able to identify him. Then she shows two people living in Australia who they want to adopt, he was not very convinced so a girl told him that Australia was a wonderful place and would have a family. So Saroo made it to Tasmania, Australia with his new parents, they put him on a plane. When he arrives in Australia, he meets his adoptive parents, John Brierley and his wife, Sue. At that moment he felt shy to see them. Two years passed and now they adopt a second boy from India, called Mantosh, but he had problems of control. 20 years later he became an adult and he speaks English with the assent of Australia so he did not know his language before it was Hind. He had an education and started to study hotel management and there he met a girl who became his girlfriend.

Some students friends of Saroo invited him to eat at their house, then he went. All the students are having a good time and then Saroo goes to the kitchen and observes the same "jalebis" that he told his brother that I wanted at the beginning of the movie, which causes a flashback. She gets upset and when she rejoins the group, she admits that she is not actually from Calcutta, but that she was lost and could not remember the town where her family was. He says that he often thinks of his mother, brother and sister and wants to be able to find them. Then a girl tells Saroo about Google Earth, a new site at the moment that allows users to search the world through satellite images. Saroo started seeing the possibility of Calcutta visit around there, and started looking for each train station, since he remembered the station from where he got lost or from where the train left, so in 2010, Saroo begins to do the calculations to calculate how many miles Calcutta was. Two years later, in 2012, Saroo is still trying to locate his family through Google Earth. You have drawn possible routes through the train tracks on the giant map with the radius in circles. But he still can not identify his town. Saroo left school to have more time to locate his home. But he could not locate his home, he was already 25 years old without knowing anything about his old family. So something happened he located the train station where he had stayed asleep.

So you think, do you think Sarro found his family? How was his house before?  do you think that his mother Kalma, Guddu and Shekila were still alive? And how do you think Guddu is, what happened to him later when Saroo got lost?

This movie I loved because Saroo being a boy of only 5 years went ahead even though he was lost and thanks to that coffee man he could be safe with a family in Australia and have an education, although it is sad later when You know neither where you come from or who is your real mother. I feel that this movie reflects a lot, that a country has to have more security for children and do everything possible to find a home as they go through many dangers in the street.

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