Instructions Not Included

November 15, 2017
By Eriiiiii SILVER, Wilmington , Delaware
Eriiiiii SILVER, Wilmington , Delaware
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Drama/Comedy PG-13 (2013)

Cast: Eugenio Derbez, Loreto Peralta, Jessica Lindsey, and Daniel Raymont
Director: Eugenio Derbez
Synopsis: An irresponsible playboy who must grow up quickly when a former lover gives them their daughter to raise… then leaves without a trace.

Have you ever imagined spending a vacation at Acapulco, Mexico without having responsibilities? I bet anyone would like to live their vacation to the fullest. Well it can all change the day least expected.

I recently saw Instructions not Included  and I was very pleased and optimistic with this movie. The main actor is also the director of this movie and he is very energetic. In his previous years of his career he has worked as an actor, writer, director, and producer. He has a degree in Film Directing from the Mexican Institute of Cinematography and Theater. Eugenio Derbez has had 5 wins and 3 nominations. This movie is drama/comedy that depicts what happens to a young guy named Valentine in the movie. He is known as a resident playboy womanizer in Acapulco, Mexico, until a former fling, a young American named Julie, leaves a baby on his doorstep and takes off without trace. Valentin then leaves Mexico for Los Angeles in search of baby’s mother. He then ends up finding a new home for himself and his newfound daughter Maggie.  Valentin learns how to become a father and raises Maggie for 6 years. Valentin and Maggie have a strong unique bond that later on Maggie’s mother Julie  shows up out of nowhere after turning her own life around. She then wants full custody of Maggie. One day Maggie goes to the doctor and the doctor finds something interesting in her that leads her to…
I loved this movie it touched my heart in so many ways. There are many parts in which the movie will have you laughing really hard that you might end up peeing yourself. There’s also times when you can experience the actors struggles that maybe you can relate to. The main actor Eugenio Derbez ( Valentin) goes through a lot of different situations. He has to learn to be a father, learn how to speak English, raise a baby and struggles being illegal. The movie is also adventurous I was thrilled to know what was gonna happen next and see how they were going to overcome their new obstacle. Every struggle built suspense and created a lot of comedy but somehow the movie also was ironic.

I think that this movie can touch anyones heart because of the way it is composed.  Throughout the story your mood changes. It’s not just any regular typical movie it has a lot of action, jokes, reflecting moments and some a little upsetting… but it is still a good movie. I strongly believe that this movie is worth watching  because you’re left sentimental it's drastic at the end. The end is something that you would never thought would happen. A quote that hit me right in the heart is “ You’re the best thing that I never wanted to happen to me” this demonstrates how you should take sometime to think about it and reflect on it. It's a very enjoyable movie to watch but overall at the end it has a very important message that you can reflect on it.

I sincerely recommend this movie. I felt so many emotions with just one movie and strongly believe you should watch it. The beginning is a little weird and also confusing because the main character was living his life to the fullest without responsibilities. He was having multiple girlfriends and just living his life. Then suddenly one day he hears a knock at his door and when he opens the door at his steps there's a new born baby. Then he gets a phone call saying that the baby is his daughter and that he must raise her. The person that called him was the baby's mother. The main character doesn’t like little kids and didn’t want to have a responsibility. He did not want to change his lifestyle but eventually he changes it and learns how to be a father. He raises the little girl, takes her to school, helps her do her homework but then one day something drastic happens. The little girl’s mother comes back into her life after never being with her. She then wants to take full custody that causes a great impact on her daughter. Which then leads her daughter to…

Overall, this is a great movie with a very important message. You can learn from its message and gain experience. You won’t regret watching this movie. Always appreciate what you have, because you won’t know what you have until you lose it unfortunately.

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