May 11, 2017
By AbbyWanKenobi BRONZE, Taber , Alberta
AbbyWanKenobi BRONZE, Taber , Alberta
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A house tied to balloons!! What’s not to like about that?? UP is a great movie by itself but as soon as you start looking deeper into the meaning and themes, you can see that Pete Docter and Bob Peterson,the directors of the film, spent a lot of time into a children's movie. It could easily be considered as an adult’s movie because of the deep problems one of the main characters has. If you’re lacking motivation and need to cheer up, this is the movie for you. This film is completely lovable and every bit motivational. It’s great for family movie nights or even just for a casual night of watching movies. Personally, I very much enjoyed this movie and it is a fantastic film for lifting a person’s determination, or if you’re a child, get the excitement flowing.


One of the main things UP focuses on is color. The directors of the film, Pete Docter and Bob Peterson, did an amazing job with the use of color throughout the film. There was a strong use of contrasting colors for example Carl, the sad old man who is still trying to cope with the death of his wife versus the happy uplifting little boy, who is thought to be a “Wilderness Explorer”, Russell. In the beginning of the film, when Carl is presented as a grumpy old man who supposedly hates everything, they present him as dull colors and as soon as Russell enters the scene, the mood lightens and everything is bright and colorful. In the end we see how Carl’s character has developed in color and has turned into a hero.
 The aspect of adventure plays a lot in this movie. Russell is part of a Wilderness Explorer club but he has never actually been on an adventure. In this film Russell goes on his first adventure ever and he is able to put his skills that he learned in his club to good use. Russell is a great example for children or even adults. I know when I was little and I watched movies similar to this and I would be super excited to start an adventure of my own.


Even though this film is directed towards a younger audience, the theme ‘Married Life’ comes up a number of times especially when they explain Carl and Ellie’s relationship. Even the movies main song is called ‘Married Life’. The soundtrack for the film is absolutely perfect. As for the voice actors, they were fantastic too. You could tell that they showed great emotion and dedication to their own character. 


To sum it all UP( hahaha get it… up), I enjoyed watching this film with my class and recommend it for movie nights and if you’re a student about to graduate, it’s a great topic for a diploma essay. Personally I would rate this movie a 5 out of 5 because who doesn’t love a flying house?!?! Definitely my dream house...

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