The Maze Runner

March 31, 2017
By ChaseNFish7 BRONZE, Steinhatchee , Florida
ChaseNFish7 BRONZE, Steinhatchee , Florida
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Last week, I saw the movie The Maze Runner for the first time with some friends. It was three of us that went to the movies to see The Maze Runner. After we finished the movie we discussed how good it was. We all thought the movie was awesome because of all the action that's in stored in this movie. As part of a popular movie and book series, The Maze Runner was definitely one to remember.

In The Maze Runner, Thomas wakes up in a elevator which takes him up to a place called the, “Glades”. The “Glades” were in the middle of a massive maze ran by a group of boys. None of the boys have any memories of the outside world other than the strange dreams about a mysterious organization known as W.C.K.D. They fight off grievers and each other in order to survive. By using clues and fragments of the past, Thomas hopes to find a way to escape this maze and find out why they are there.

The plot structure of this movie is great. It keeps you entertained and interested if the boys make an escape and about the mysteries of the maze. The characters in this movie, especially Thomas play their part well. With the boys being in the young teens it makes other teens that watch this movie relate to the characters easier. The film creator, Wes Ball, did a great job in making the movie enjoyable for all ages too.

This movie was also made at a good length. It wasn't too long to make you fall asleep but it was long enough to create a intense ending. Another great aspect of this film is the special effects, particularly with regard to all of the scenes that include the grieves and the Maze changing. The film creator also made you grow attached to many of the character, when the film has many plot twist, it makes you worry about the character even more.

Overall this movie is a great movie to see with some friends or family. The movie portrays the struggles of the maze extremely well. With the plot structure being intense, the characters playing their part well, and the way you grow attach to the character, this movie is truly a great one. I recommend you to definitely see this movie because you'll be glad you did and eager for the next movies to come out in theaters.

The author's comments:

This movie is great!! Hope everyone gets a chance to see this movie!

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