The Rocky Horror Picture Show

December 31, 2016
By alayna.chichester SILVER, Exeter, New Hampshire
alayna.chichester SILVER, Exeter, New Hampshire
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Let’s do the timewarp again, back to 1975, when a revolutionary movie, like nothing ever before, came into existence.  The Rocky Horror Picture Show took over many people, for generations to come, and became not only just a movie, but a culture.

The recently engaged Brad Majors and Janet Weiss could not predict what would occur on the rainy night, during which they planned on visiting their old college professor, who had first introduced them.  The flat tire they received on the road that night was the cause to all of what took place.  Met at the door of the large palace, in which the night of frights took place, by a suspicious man, Riff Raff, they were taken into meet the master of the house Dr. Frank-N-Furter.  Throughout one night of absurd music numbers, and strange transylvanian characters, they were opened to a new world much unlike their own.  Dr. Frank-N-Furter had made it his mission to create a man for his much less than holy endeavors.  The movies revolves around the creation of this man, Rocky.  It is because of him that lives are taken, outlooks on life are changed, and many, many songs are sung, throughout the movie.

Written at a time when anti materialism was just coming into being, it was meant to express the culture while simultaneously critiquing it. Today we live in a world much more similar to that of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, than that of what life was like when the movie first appeared on screens.  These forbidden scenes that were featured in the movie, are in some ways close to normal in today’s society.  All of this makes it difficult for someone of my age, who has grown up in a culture as such to truly appreciate the movie for what it is, a cry at what was life when it first came into being.  However, there is one main theme within the movie that I do take to heart.  Throughout the ending of the movie is the motif “Don’t dream it.  Just be it.”  In other words, rather than imagining where you could be, act on it, reach for what you want.  This is an idea that will ring true for all generations past and present.  The movie in whole is nothing less than aberrant, and like nothing ever seen before, but none the less magical.  It is certainly the type of the movie that one would either love, or hate, with no inbetween.  With creative numbers and characters so strange you can’t help but fall in love with them, it is, at least in my opinion, no doubt a classic, and must watch.  This movie will certainly leave you in antici-

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