Ben-Hur (1959)

November 22, 2016
A must-see for anyone -- from casual viewers to history aficionados, Ben-Hur is one of the movie industry’s greatest classics. Featuring a stunning cast, a soaring soundtrack, and a driving yet emotional storyline, it will leave you breathless and wanting to see more.

Ben-Hur is about the prince Judah Ben-Hur and his adopted Roman brother, Messala. Though they are best of friends, the conflict between their two civilizations threatens to drive them apart. One day, however, his sister Tirzah accidentally knocks a roof tile dangerously close to a famous commander. Because of this, Judah’s family is convicted of crime and sold into slavery -- and when Messala does nothing to help, Judah flees on a quest to save them, leaving behind his home and everything he has ever known. Through years at sea, some mysterious encounters, and a talk with Jesus Christ, Judah’s travels ultimately lead him to the great Roman chariot race in which he is destined to confront Messala for the last time.

As someone who has an interest in Roman history, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of historical accuracy in the movie. The character development was stellar, blending smoothly with the storyline to create a lengthy epic full of thrills, conflict, and love. I found it easy to sympathize and connect with the characters and follow the plot to the end, and it left me wanting to see it again!

Featuring an enduring message of forgiveness and perseverance, this movie lives on in the hearts of all its viewers. If you’re deterred by the age of the movie, allow me to assure you that Ben-Hur isn’t dated or boring in any way. It is a timeless classic, one that has gone down as one of history’s greats -- and one you don’t want to miss.

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