November 21, 2016
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Zootopia is a movie for anyone, I mean anyone is   to enjoy it. It replicates even the smallest detail of life in a city, but with animals.  The movie can be enjoyed by anyone, I loved watching it for the first time, it always kept you wanting for more. ANd the scene were never boring.From hippos to mice and everything in between there is a diverse society that lives quite peacefully together. That is until some animals start to experience savage behavior.

The movie shows Judy the main character through a spectrum of emotions. From happy when moving to Zootopia to guilty when she realizes that she's a ticket maid. That's until she gets a case and is said to have 48 hours to solve it. She teams up with a fox named Nick to solve this case of the missing savage animals.

The case has them traveling through all places it the city. From the freezing streets of Tundra Town, to swing away from death on vines in the Rainforest district. Until they find them, at least that's what we thought. The movie has a sort of fake ending when Mayor Lionheart is seen managing the place the savage animals were being kept. But in reality someone Judy would have never thought was the one leading the attacks.

The movie brings a great point. When Mayor Lionheart’s charges were dropped he says something quite interesting. He will protect the city even if he has to betray it. Which is an interesting concept. Is it ok to betray someone or something to protect it from something ultimately worse, and when does it go too far? An interesting point is when the animals turn savage they are predators. The predators were then being segregated from certain things, when before they were not.

This illusion of fear the prey felt is something humans also have. When the news is broken to the public about the savage animals only being predators. The prey seems to unite into a group, into which they block predators from certain activity, before they would do. They harass them for what there others have done and accuse them for their savage instincts.

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