Step Brothers

March 16, 2009
The movie Step Brothers is a hilarious 5 star rating movie. It's about to guys who's parents are getting married without them knowing. The two 35 year old men live with their parents at home. After their parents get married, they move in together. The guys are forced to like each other, but it's not as easy as it sounds. At first, the men didn't like each other, but eventually, threw many epidemics, they became best friends. It seemed like everything would turn out okay, there parents got into a fight. They started to hate each other again.
The conflict of this movie is two 35 year old men who hate each other because there parents got married. These men still live at home with their parents and choose not to move out. After a while their parents met at there job and get together. They decide to get married and move in together. Dale and Brennan are not thrilled about the marriage so they choose not to get along at the beginning. But eventually they got used to each other and they started bonding.
If they didn't like each other then they should've just moved out but they don't think they are ready to. Let me remind you they are grown men and they aren't ready to leave the house yet. My favorite character is Will Ferrell because he is funny and always has a solution.

I recommend this movie because it's hilarious and will have you falling out of your seat. I give this movie 5 star because it's funny and can teach you to get along. A person who would like this movie is a person who loves comedies.

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