October Sky

November 3, 2008
By Anonymous

The producer of the movie October Sky, Joe Johnston, changes events from scenes in the novel. For example things that Sonny does in the book like going to work in the mine he would have never done in the novel.

In Sonny's novel he wouldn't drop out of school to go work in the mine while his dad was out of work. Sonny hated the mine and it wasn't in his interest to quit school for a while. When he did it changed his relationship with the way Miss Riley and the way his parents thought of him.

In the film Sonny's dad Homer gets an eye injury from the mine and stops working for a little bit so Sonny makes it his responsibility to support the family and takes his dads place. His father Homer was proud of what Sonny did, and it made Sonny happy because Homer was not one to be proud of his youngest son. Jim, Sonny's brother always got credit for his achievements with football and whatever he did right.

Miss Riley was upset that Sonny quit school to work in the mine. It meant a lot to her that Sonny follow his dreams in education and go to college. Elsie his mother wasn't happy that he did either, she despises her sons working in the mine but was happy that Sonny wanted to support the family in tough times.

I enjoyed the novel and thought the changes from the movie to the
book were good. Honestly I do have to say that the movie was my favorite though out of the two. The characters and scene differences made it. It was awesome! I think anyone could enjoy it. Joe the producer made a great movie.

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