Never back Down

January 30, 2009
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'Never Back Down' is one of my all-time favorite movies. It is about a troubled boy who moves away to Orlando, Florida. One of the most popular past times is mixed martial arts fighting (MMA) where rules don't apply and backing out is not an option. Actor Sean Faris who portrays Jake impeccably plays the main role, Jake Tyler. Cam Gigandet plays the other main character, Ryan McCarthy. Sean and Cam work so great off of each other, the chemistry is amazing.

This movie is all about working for what you want and giving everything you have. Basically, never backing down, as the title states. Jake Tyler is determined to beat Ryan McCarthy at 'The Beatdown'. The Beatdown is a battle that happens every year where people fight with MMA to see who is the fastest, who is the strongest, and who is the best of the best. At first Jake really has no interest in fighting Ryan but once Ryan beats up Jake himself, and Jake's best friend, he realizes he has no choice.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies that have an important message in them anyone who likes to be entertained. However, because of the violence, which there is a lot of, this movie may not be the best for young kids. I can watch this movie over and over again and would give it five out of five stars. This movie really is one of the best I've ever seen.

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