Last House on the Left

January 18, 2009
By GlambertFan93 BRONZE, Rowlett, Texas
GlambertFan93 BRONZE, Rowlett, Texas
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I have just watched the 1972 shocker, The Last House on the Left. It certainly lived up to its sleazy reputation. Nothing is off limits in this movie, I strongly reccomend not seeing this movie if you are easily disturbed or upset.

The movie is about 2 girls going out for one their's birthday. And a group of escaped convicts wind up kidnapping them when the 2 girls try to by some pot from them. The 2 girls are taken hostage, but when the car breaks down in front of one of the Girls's house, they are dragged into the woods in front of it. And are submitted to both psychological and Physical torture. Both are eventually murdered. And in a act of irony, the convicts wind up staying the night at the murdered girls house. And when the parents find out what they did to their daughters, they seek out revenge.
A very good, gritty, realistic film. I highly reccomend all horror fans to seek this one out!!!A 10 OUT OF 10!

The author's comments:
Hey it's Justin! I'm here to bring reviews on rare, obscure horror movies of the 70's!!!Hope yall enjoy!!

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