Kung Fu Panda

December 18, 2008
By Jordan Visser, Littleton, CO

“Skadoosh!” There is something about this word that gets my attention. Kung Fu Panda was one of the best movies that I have seen.

In the movie there was a lot of humor and action. Po (Jack Black) was just a regular panda who worked in his dad's noodle shop. Po worships kung fu and wants to be the dragon warrior. All of the kung fu masters don't like him because he's annoying and super clumsy. He must train and train so he can defeat Ty Lung. Po is trained by food. Master Shi Fu his master tells Po he can eat but keeps taking the dumplings from him. There is one dumpling left and they fight for it and that's exactly how Po is supposed to be trained. Po learns and is ready to fight Ty Lung.

Ty Lung was Master Shi Fu's first student to train. He raised Ty Lung like he was his own. He was up to be Dragon Warrior but was rejected. Ty lung got mad so he destroyed the town. Shi Fu then trained the Furious five so one of them could become Dragon Warrior.

This movie takes place in China. It has some of their customs, culture, and food. You can see the difference between the United States and China. It's very interesting to see how people live with different customs than the ones we have.

When I first saw this movie I was at the edge of my seat the whole time, I didn't know what would happen next! This movie was five stars to me and many thumbs up. I liked this movie more than any other Dreamworks movie because it was different and unexpected to me. It was different but also the same. Kung Fu Panda had the hero and the saving but in a different point of view.

Kung Fu Panda was kind of inspiring because Po never gave up even though everybody was trying to make him, but he kept on trying to learn kung fu and help defeat Ty Lung.

I recommend, to everyone, to see this movie. It was like the air was laughing gas and I was breathing it all in!

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