Space Chimps

December 10, 2008
By Taylor Anderson, Elkton, SD

“Space Chimps” is one of the best animated, one-liner movies of the year. There are a lot of jokes and sayings that will stay in your mind for weeks to come. When you take your kids to this movie don't sit in the car and wait for the movie to get over because you would miss a lot of good, and clean random humor.
After NASA loses one of their space probes through a worm whole that leads to the other side of the universe where little blobs with arms and legs find the probe. Zartog voiced by Jeff Daniels an evil blob that takes it and becomes the ruler and king of this planet and he freezes anyone who gets in his way. NASA needs a team to go through the worm whole to try and get their space probe back. But first they must test it and that's where Ham III played by Andy Samberg comes in, a circus monkey whose only dream is to actually get to space finally gets his chance when NASA needs a popular monkey to get people interested in the Space Program. Hams grandfather was the first chimp ever in space. After the government comes and takes Ham III away from the circus, he is introduced to the team. Luna, voiced by Cheryl Hines and Titan, who is the leader of the team, voiced by Patrick Warburton. Ham falls in love with Luna and makes love jokes to her throughout the movie and she tends to grow on him as well. The humans equipment is faulty through the worm hole and the radios don't work but Comet voiced by Zack Shada and Houston, voiced by Carlos Alazraqui, find a way to communicate with them with a banana phone.
The movie was good and well thought out but it did get a little dry in some spots. But overall, Space Chimps deserves a 4 out 5 because of its random humor that is really popular now days and its complete story line. Space Chimps is a great movie for parents and children of all ages.

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