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   If there were a real-life Bill and Ted, what they would find the most "bogus" would be Jeremy Caplan's review. When people go to the movies, they are not always looking for an Academy Award winner. In fact, plenty of great movies don't win awards, yet are box office hits because they are entertaining and funny. Take "Spaceballs" or "The Naked Gun," for example. Neither received as many awards as such recent hit movies as "Driving Miss Daisy" or "Born on the Fourth of July." Yet most of the people who saw these comedy spoofs would agree that they were amusing and very funny. The same holds true for "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." When Jeremy claims that there are moments when the audience ought to be hilariously laughing yet isn't, he is quite mistaken. Everyone has a different sense of humor, and if Jeremy doesn't find it funny, then he shouldn't laugh. I don't remember finding all such lines funny, yet I still thoroughly enjoyed the film.

He also wrote that the historical figures are quite out of character. Though admittedly the movie is not realistic in some senses, it is necessary to realize that time travel itself also has no basis other than speculation. Yet that has not stopped science fiction writers from including it in many of their stories. In short, "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" takes two common themes, time travel, and the rush to finish a school paper, and twists them into an amusing and entertaining comedy movie. n

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