Shattered Glass

November 9, 2008
By Hannah Giffen, Haslet, TX

Shattered Glass successfully portrays the true-life rise and fall of one of America's most successful journalists, as played by one of Hollywood's most prominent young stars, Hayden Christensen.

At the ripe age of 24, Stephen Glass was a man with opportunity thrust at him left and right. Working as a journalist for the New Republic, a magazine held in high regards by the American public, Glass is filled with the dedication required to keep up with his fame. Only displaying his positive qualities to his colleagues, such as his undeniable ability to charm a woman and his respect for those in a higher position than himself, Glass gains the trust of his co-workers.

As Glass' stardom reaches an ultimate high, his work is suddenly questioned by an opposing journalist employed by an online publication, Adam Penenberg (played by Steve Zahn.) Upon receiving this report, Glass loses the trust of his newly-chosen editor, Chuck Lane (Peter Sarsgaard) and his work undergoes further investigation.

Already facing the fact that he disliked by many of his peers, Lane only makes things worse for himself when he questions the talented and beloved Glass. Shattered Glass intelligently creates a battle that Lane must fight within himself of whether to believe Glass or to continue the investigation.

Meanwhile, Glass realizes he may be figured out and stumbles in his attempts to cover his tracks, making it a classic of its time.

Shattered Glass is an outstanding drama that has the amazing capability of being able to meet ones every expectation.

Christensen undeniably delivers a phenomenal performance in the acting field by portraying the witty and charming compulsive liar exactly as one might expect.

Sarsgaard does just the same with his performance as the disliked and villainous Lane.

It is an irrefutably great show by every actor and actress involved in production, and an overall superb film filled with edge-of-the-seat suspense that makes the 94 minute running time well worthwhile.

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