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   They are children of the atom, the next step in humanevolution, each born with a unique genetic mutation. Their special powersmanifest themselves at puberty. For example, Professor Charles Xavier discoveredat the age of 17 that he possessed the power of telepathy (the ability to readand control people's minds); Cyclops is able to shoot a very powerful, focusedbeam of energy from his eyes; Storm can manipulate weather and Jean Grey is bothtelepathic and telekinetic.

These are the X-Men as the movie begins; twomore members are later introduced. The first, Wolverine, is a man who can healhis wounds extraordinarily fast. He has retractable metal claws and a skeleton ofmetal, so his bones are unbreakable. Next is Rogue, who can absorb the energy andmemories of anyone she touches.

Unfortunately, most mutants are hated andfeared and consequently live in seclusion. When they do reveal themselves, theyare met with hostility and are victims of persecution and ridicule. As the movieprogresses, you discover both mutants and humans have mixed opinions of oneanother.

The mutant Magneto (who has control over magnetism) is convincedthat humans and mutants cannot coexist peacefully. He believes a war betweenmutants and mankind is brilliant. Professor Xavier's team of mutants fight toprotect those who despise them.

"X-Men" is sure to pleaseanyone who likes action and suspense, and I highly recommend it.

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