October 7, 2008
Radio is an inspiring, heart-touching true story movie. It was filmed in 2003, and directed Michael Tollin. The overall lesson is about love, and not caring what other people think of you. It is rated PG for mild language. The story is about a mentally challenged young man, a football coach and a football team.

SPOILER ALERT! Everyday, Radio (a mentally challenged young man) walks around the neighborhood with his shopping cart of things he finds. One day, Radio walked by the high school and sees the football team practicing with coach Jones. One of the people on the team kicks the ball and it goes over the fence and lands next to Radio. Radio picked the football up and put it into the shopping cart.

SPOILER ALERT! The football player became really mad, so the next day at practice, he kidnapped Radio and put him in the storage shack covered in tape. When coach Jones found Radio in the shack by his jumping around, coach Jones became mad at the team. Coach Jones felt bad about Radio being treated badly by the team, so he decided to let Radio come and help with the practices and games.

SPOILER ALERT! The football team grew to love Radio. But then one game in another state, Radio had permission to go, but the principal would not let him go. Later, Radio’s mom dies from a heart attack. Radio is told that he has to go on to the twelfth grade, but he wants to stay in the eleventh grade. In the end, Radio is told that he can stay in the eleventh grade for however long he chooses.

Radio is played my Cuba Gooding Jr.. Gooding Jr. does a phenomenal job playing Radio. In 2004, Gooding Jr. won Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture for Radio by the Chicago Film Critics Association. He really plays the part of a mentally issued man who just wants to be loved. One of his best lines is, “We gonna go all the way!”

Coach Jones is played by Ed Harris. Coach Jones is a kind, but strict character. Harris does a good job working with Goodman, and connecting with his character.

The cast and crew won the Camrie award from the Character and Morality in Entertainment Awards in 2005. This was overall an empowering, touching and moving movie. I believe that it will be a favorite for many more years to come!

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misspixie said...
Oct. 29, 2008 at 9:53 pm
hey hey hey great review that was REALLY GOOD!
itsme_juliet! said...
Oct. 28, 2008 at 11:25 pm
omg i love you emily! good job! =D
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